How to Choose the Best Furniture for Your Elderly Loved Ones

As people age, there are new requirements within the home to keep it both comfortable and functional. Whether you have an elderly family member moving in with you or you are just trying to help them update their space, there are some essential things to consider. It is essential that the living area is easy to maneuver around and that you adequately space everything out. Before purchasing new furnishings, consider the design of the space and how you can structure the layout to support the needs of your elderly loved ones.
Here are some tips to help you choose the best furniture to create a comfortable environment for the seniors in your life.

For the bedroom

Seniors may tire more easily and therefore need a cozy and comfortable bedroom to rest in. While getting in and out of bed may seem like a simple task, it can become more of a struggle when you’re older. Adjustable beds are beneficial since each person can customize the lift of both their head and legs to suit their needs. Just as necessary is having a supportive surface to sleep on, and that’s where pressure care products come in handy. A pressure care mattress will offer the foam support your loved one needs while allowing including features that will enable proper skin ventilation.

For the bathroom

The bathroom is the most common place where injuries occur in the household due to slippery surfaces and limited space. Furnishing the bathroom properly will help prevent these injuries and make bathing and using the toilet easier for seniors. The most important aspects to consider are items like raised toilet seats, bathing chairs for inside the bathtub, and grab bars in both the shower area and beside the toilet. On top of that, rubber mats are ideal for preventing slips and falls. Handheld showerheads are also a good investment as they make it easier to clean the harder to reach places.

For the kitchen

The kitchen contains some notable hazards that may put your elderly loved ones at risk. With appliances that cook, cut, and blend, it’s crucial to keep safety at the forefront when choosing elements for the room. Choose appliances that automatically shut off with inactivity. That way, if they forget to turn it off manually, you will not need to worry about it. Also, make sure the controls are easy to understand and use. Forget all the bells and whistles. Simple is best. When it comes to the dining table, choose one with rounded corners to avoid anyone hitting themselves on sharp edges.

For the living room

Seniors often spend many hours in the living room as it is a place to relax and chill out. Choose the seating in this space wisely, since there are challenges seniors may face. Firstly, like the bed, it needs to be easy to get out of. Recliners are good options, ideally ones that fold forward as well to give them a little extra boost out. Also, choose fabrics strategically. The elderly usually has sensitive skin, so make sure the material is soft but also easy to clean in case of any accidents.