The Most Important Information to Leave Your Babysitter

Whether your child is three months old or eight years old, you want to feel confident leaving them home with a babysitter. You deserve to go out and enjoy yourself, and constant worrying about what’s going on at home can put a damper on your night. Choosing a trustworthy babysitter is extremely important, but so is providing them with everything they need in case of emergencies. Knowing what information to leave for the babysitter will ensure you equip them with everything they need.

  1. Contact Information

The first and most important information you should leave with your babysitter is contact details. The list of contact information should be thorough and cover any services your babysitter may need in an emergency. If you’re going out of town, it’s essential that they can call the person required if any issues arise. Here are some necessary contact details to leave for your babysitter:

- Your contact information
- Close family member or friend to call in an emergency
- 911 (or equivalent in your area)
- Emergency electricians (for any electrical problems or outages)
- Poison control
- Family doctor and dentist

  1. Medical information

Secondly, you’ll want to outline, in full detail, any medical notes that your babysitter may need to know. It could include current health statuses, such as if they have the flu or rash, or any chronic problems. Make sure to include drug and food allergies and any medications that they may need to take.

Make sure to have a photocopy of your child’s health insurance information and a healthcare authorization form in case they need to take an emergency trip to the hospital.

  1. Activity schedule

Most parents have their kids on a regular schedule. They have specified times at which they wake up, eat, and go to bed. Ideally, kids should be kept on that same schedule, even when they are with a babysitter, or it can mess up their whole routine. Children will expect the routine they know and could be upset if that gets thrown off. It can be especially hard if your child doesn’t talk yet, as the babysitter may not be able to identify what it is that they want. Write out the timings for activities throughout the day and include any specifics, such as watching a show in the morning or reading a book before bed, etc.

House rules

Each household has a specific set of rules that they follow, and the same should apply when your babysitter is over. You don’t want your kids to get accustomed to getting away with things with the babysitter that they usually cannot do as it can become confusing for them. Useful information to include are things like any rooms that are off-limits, what to do when the kids misbehave, tv shows that they cannot watch and how long they can watch tv in general. You can also include any rules for household pets, such as if they are not allowed up on the furniture or in specific rooms.

By including all this information in a briefing for your babysitter, you can feel confident they have everything they need to take care of your children when you’re away.