Three Careers To Consider


For many people, the idea of changing careers can be terrifying. After all, you’re comfortable where you are; it’s safe, you know what you’re doing, and it’s putting food on the table. But is it making you happy? It’s all too easy to fall into jobs that don’t truly fulfill you. This is especially true for any woman who is reinventing her career after taking time out to be a mother - it’s tempting to go for the easy option, to ‘get back into the swing of things’. Except… don’t you deserve more than that? Even if you’re not quite sure what you want, there are careers out there that can keep you engaged, stimulated, and satisfied whilst also providing for your family. Here are three of the most interesting (and different) options to pursue, so you can live your best life at home and at work!


Do you have any crafting hobbies? Perhaps you love embroidery, enjoy woodcarving, or make your own handcrafted earrings? You’d be surprised at how possible it is to start monetizing a hobby you love, and even turn it into your main source of income. You can either work at home through an online shop like Etsy or even have a beautiful retail store for customers to come to. The beauty of this career change is that it can happen gradually; you can start selling items at your own pace whilst childminding or working another job, and slowly shift your energies across depending on how well it’s going. It’s low risk, high reward, and who wouldn’t want to have ‘professional artist’ on their CV? If you end up having a retail store, make sure to look for a top retail design firm to help you design the space of your dreams.

Business Intelligence

On the other side of the coin lies a career in business intelligence. Now, this might sound intimidating, but you can easily retrain and educate yourself in the area through online courses (even MBAs!) on sites such as Suffolk Online. There are many reasons why this is an exciting potential career path. It’s new, in-demand, and full of learning opportunities that the intellectuals among you are probably craving! Analyzing data, predicting risks, and crunching the numbers to help businesses decide on their future plans. It’s a fast-moving world with different challenges every day, so if that sounds up your street, you’ll find true happiness pursuing this path.

Content Writing

Have you ever wondered who writes the blurbs for websites across the internet? You probably thought it was the people who own the company, or their marketing manager, right? Wrong! Many businesses employ content writers to pen their introductions and the content of their webpages. If you’re a skilled typist with a flair for words, this could be the perfect career path for you. There are plenty of courses that can give you accreditation, and once you build up a portfolio of work it can be a lucrative field. Find the flexibility to work wherever you want, and experience a job where you’ll be working on new projects every day, keeping it fresh and exciting - for anyone who’s easily bored, but loves writing, this could be the answer.