Reviewing the Farm & Yard Chicken Tractor

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This past spring we introduced new baby chickens into our flock. Did you know that you can't just add baby chickens in with the adult ones? They have to be separated until they are about the same size. So thanks to our new Farm & Yard Mobile Chicken Tractor, we will always have a safe space for our broody hens and their babies! The Mobile Chicken Tractor features solid construction that will help protect your flock from predators including a fox proof mesh floor. On the sides, it includes 2 wheels so during the day you can simply wheel your tractor to a new spot on your land when needed. And it has gaps in the flooring to easily allow your flock to still scratch and peck.

Putting the chicken tractor together was a two person job for us so I enlisted the help of my husband for that. Farm & Yard says it can be put together in an hour or less, if you’re handy. It took my husband an I a bit longer but it was our first time doing this. Once it was complete, it was very easy to wheel it over to our larger coop for the full grown chickens. When we got it there, we simply pulled the wheels up and it sat flat on the ground. I put the nest boxes into the back and it was locked and ready to go!

Now that we have transitioned the teenage chickens in with the adults, we will be using the chicken tractor for our broody hen and the eggs that she will hatch. We will also use it as a safe place to keep our baby chickens separated from the rest of the flock until they are older. With how well it's constructed, we will have this chicken tractor for many years to come. I love the fact that you can easily move your chickens each day because that helps keep down the parasites in your flock. Plus it helps fertilize your ground and get rid of vegetation that you don't need as well!

Overall it's a very solid built tractor that is perfect for a free ranging flock. Make sure to check them out at