Choosing a Resin Floor


Laying a new floor is an expensive and time-consuming process, and if you’re not going for a nice hardwood floor, your other two options are generally polished concrete or epoxy resin.

Which option should you choose?

Your Flooring Needs Are Changing

Whether you’re installing a new floor in a business or a residential property, longevity is usually the number one characteristic that drives the purchasing decisions, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The aesthetic value of your flooring—whether inside or outside—is important, but installing flooring that doesn’t last will end up costing you more money in the long term, which you certainly want to avoid.

You’ll also need to consider where your new flooring will be used. Will you be installing flooring in your commercial kitchen, or are you looking for a new driveway for your home? If you’re installing a new floor outside—for example, a driveway—there are other considerations such as breathability to take into account.

While many homeowners will opt for hard-wearing concrete or tarmac, there are now quite a few companies that offer high-quality epoxy resin floor coating that are incredibly hard-wearing with a great aesthetic to them.

Why Choose Resin Flooring?

Resin floors are strong and versatile, whether used inside or outside, and they have many benefits over the more traditional choices such as concrete, hardwood floors, or asphalt.

Some of the benefits of resin flooring over concrete include:

Resistant to Spills

If you are working with chemicals, or you need to clean your floors regularly, then installing a resin floor is a great choice.

These floors are easy to clean and are chemical-resistant—perfect for flooring that needs to put up with tough usage!

Tough and Durable

Speaking of tough usage, resin floors are more durable than concrete floors, which are prone to cracking and flaking if poorly installed.

Most resin flooring is impact-resistant too, which means you can drop heavy items on them and they won’t break or dent under pressure.

A Range of Colors

Ok, so the aesthetic isn’t everything, but with a resin floor you get durability and safety AND it looks good too!

Resin flooring is available in all kinds of colors and finishes, and due to the way it is laid, it’s even possible to make your own designs such as marking out walkways in commercial premises, or even making a decorative addition to a home setting.

Resin is Safer

Above all, one of the main reasons that many homeowners and commercial property owners have switched to resin flooring is that it is safer than concrete in the long term.

Due to resin flooring’s ease of cleaning and anti-slip finishes, they are well known as being safer, especially in commercial settings.

Being able to pressure wash a floor and then clean it with harsher chemicals than you would normally use every now and again is a good bonus, and one that is especially liked in medical settings and school settings where hygiene is absolutely critical.