​ Looking Forward with Navdy

When I was growing up, my family took a lot of road trips. Mostly because my father refused to fly so when we wanted to go on vacation, it was always in the car. And back in those days, he would go over to AAA and have them highlight a route for him on a map. Talk about hard to follow!

 As I got older, our road trips consisted of using printed out directions from Mapquest and me sitting in the front seat to shout them out to my dad. A huge problem with that was if you took a wrong turn or needed to get something to eat, you were on your own.

So fast forward a few years and now everyone has a GPS system in their car. But with their touchscreens, it's hard to be safe while driving if you're using it. Plus you have to take your eyes off the road to watch the screen.

There has to be a better and safer way to get where you need to go.

Enter Navdy.

Navdy is an amazing device that gives you directions, lets you answer phone calls, see text messages, app notification, emails, and play your music—all hands free.

Navdy mounts to your dashboard above your steering wheel. Once you have it setup, you attach the dial to your steering wheel to interact with it and then download the app to your phone. Setting it up is very easy and they have a lot of videos to guide you on the process as well. I personally watched them while I set it up in my car and I had no problems.

How Navdy differs from other GPS systems is that it projects your directions, phone calls, text messages and music choices on the road ahead of you, using advanced augmented reality technology. That way you never take your eyes off the road. It also talks to you like other GPS systems so you never miss a turn.

Taking a call is very easy as well. If you have a call coming in, Navdy will alert you on the screen. Simply swipe your hand left to answer it or right to deny it.

When you're ready to take a trip, simple use your voice to tell Navdy where you want to go, or input the address in the Navdy app on your phone. You're all set. You can even send that trip via the Navdy display to a friend or family member, letting them know you’re on your way without touching your phone. The recipient gets a text message with a URL that links to a real-time interactive map showing your route, destination, and ETA.

We were able to test out Navdy when we took my grandfather up into Tennessee to an archaeological museum for the day. It helped us navigate through traffic, gave clear directions and we never missed a turn. Knowing that I was more focused on driving, and yet still connected to the information I needed, was a big deal. It definitely made our trip safer and more convenient.

You can purchase Navdy for $499 on Navdy, on Amazon, and on Best Buy.