The Flock

Our current animals are Mr. Whistles, Mooshy, Kanga, Charlie Brown, & Mr. Moneybags

Little Pete

This is my baby, Pete. He was the first male we got so he's the oldest and he's also the sweetest. He loves to give kisses on the lips all day long and he sings and chirps when you're near the cage too. He was born handicapped because he's missing 2 toes on one foot and 1 on the other so he has a hard time holding onto his perches. But he has the sweetest and most loving personality out of all the birds we have. Sometimes he'll even hang on the side of the cage to watch what we're doing! And his favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star because he sings to it with you!
We lost Pete on 2/5/15. He'll always be in our hearts.


This is our oldest female, Belle. She is the boss of the cage since she's always fussing at the other birds, especially if they get near her perch. Belle sits in the food dish when she eats and she bathes in the water dish too! She also loves attention too! She'll actually clink the cage with her beak if she wants your attention. And her favorite thing is to be pet under her wing. She'll lift it right up for you too!
We lost Belle on 2/15/16. She'll always be in our hearts.


She's the most tenderhearted parakeet we have. She loves to sit on your finger and she'll let you kiss her and rub beaks with her too. She's a sweet little thing and she also loves to eat your hair if you get close enough! She'll actually stretch up to you to give her love too. And she likes when you put her on your finger and walk with her around the house.
We lost Snowy on 6/1/15. She'll always be in our hearts.


He's our little green baby who will beg you to ride on your shoulder. If you get close enough to the cage, he'll just hop on and ride you while chewing on your hair a little. He also loves to sit on your finger and sometimes he'll give a kiss! He's also known as "Pumpkin" in our house because he loves them. So we call him "Skeeter Skeeter Pumpkin Eater" now!
We lost Skeeter on 6/12/14. He'll always be in our hearts.


Our fiesty baby girl! She's a little sweetie and she gets really mad if you don't give him attention. He's the youngest girl in the cage and she does give a lot of love. If you get close enough, she'll jump right onto your shoulder like Skeeter and stay. She also dances around on the top of the cage to try and make you play with her!
We lost Patches on 4/6/13 - You'll always be in our hearts


Our newest female and little monster! She's a very curious bird since she's always looking around at everything! She doesn't sit on your finger long, but she does have a playful spirit to her. She also a bossy bird like Belle so they're always picking at each other. We also call her "Bobble Head Buttons" because she's always looking at everything so quickly that her head bobbles all over the place! Buttons is the mate of Little Pete. They had their first clutch on January 20th, 2014.
We lost Buttons on 7/22/14. She'll always be in our hearts.


Our newest male in the cage. We weren't planning to get more at the time but while we were in the pet store getting more seed, we were watching the parakeets and noticed he was hurt. We told the owners and since they know us, they gave him to us so we could take care of him and give him a good home. Right now he's molting but he had a broken leg. It's healed but it healed crooked so when he walks, he hobbles, thus his name. We hope to give him a good home.
We lost Hobbles on 2/5/15 . He'll always be in our hearts.


This is Woody, our Zebra Finch and he's very sweet. Everytime someone calls his name, he chirps like crazy. And he loves to fly around the house! Even though I'm more prone to parrots, I love Zebra Finches because my parents had two when I was little. So he reminds me of them.
Woody passed away from pneumonia on 2/14/14. He will always be missed. 


Our other finch, Speckles the Bronze Winged Mannikin Finch from Africa! We decided that Woody really needed a playmate his own size so we got Speckles. Bronze Winged Mannikin Finches are very sweet so I think he'll get along well with Woody!
Speckles passed away on 12/15/2014. He'll always be missed.

Mr. Whistlestop

The biggest baby in the family, Mr. Whistlestop the Grey Cockatiel. He's a sweet little baby and he loves to whistle..all day long. That's why we named him Whistlestop! He also loves head scratches and to sit with you while you're working. And he absolutely gives some of the sweetest kisses around!

Lil' Patches

We lost Patches on April 6, so my husband bought this new baby for me on Mother's Day. And she looks a lot like Patches, so I named her Lil' Patches! She's a very curious bird and already is very loving. She gives kisses on your lips and loves to just climb all over you.
We lost Lil Patches on 6/1/15. She'll always be in our hearts.


This is our newest baby, a Peach Faced Lovebird. She was born with one leg but that just makes her even more special in our eyes! She's very scared right now but she likes to be held and pet. I'm hoping that she will settle into our family soon!
We lost Squeaky on 8/12/15. She'll always be in our hearts.

Duck Dodgers

One of our little Black Swedish ducks, she will be pure black when she gets older. She is a little roadrunner indeed and loves to play outside.
We lost Duck Dudgers on 11/14/13. She'll always be in our hearts.


One of our Pekin ducks who will be pure white when she grows up. Wobbles, not to be confused with Hobbles the parakeet above, wobbles around when she tries to walk so thus her name.
We lost Wobbles on 11/14/13. She'll always be in our hearts.

Daffy Duck

Our other Black Swedish Duck who will be pure black when she grows up too. Mary named her Daffy, even though she's a girl, because she loves Daffy Duck so much!
We lost Daffy on 11/14/13. She'll always be in our hearts.


Our last Pekin duck who will be pure white when she grows up. I named her Aflac because she will be identical to the famous Aflac duck in the commercials someday. Plus I've always wanted to scream out, "AFLAC!" like the Gilbert Godfrey! And no, I don't have Aflac insurance, but maybe I should get it free since I named my duck after it!
We lost Aflac on 1/9/15. We miss her greatly and we'll never forget her.


This is the third baby from Mr. Pete and Buttons. He is the runt of the litter and he's very sweet and precious. He also acts a lot like Buttons too! His mate is Belle and they had their first clutch in August 2014.
We lost Runt on 11/22/2014. He'll always be in our hearts.


Trolley is the second born from Mr. Pete and Buttons. He's a boy and he is very stubborn! Plus he loves to fly pretty much everywhere. He is always getting into trouble like a toddler does!
We lost Trolley on 9/2/15. He'll always be in our hearts.

Rollie Pollie

Rollie Pollie is the first born of Mr. Pete and Buttons. She actually hatched out of her egg in my hands so she's the first one I ever touched too. She's very special and is also very pigheaded! She likes to do what she likes to do and never listens!
We lost Rollie Pollie on 9/2/15. He'll always be in our hearts.

Little Mister

Our new Parrolet that I found in the pet store all by himself. A Parrolet is literally translated as "little parrot" and he really is. That's a teacup he's sitting in and look how big it is compared to him! He's very loving and loves to cuddle on your shoulder. He also likes to bury himself in a pocket or your hair.
We lost Little Mister on 9/2/15. He'll always be in our hearts.

Charlie Brown (Not part of the flock)

Of course Charlie is not part of the flock, but he is our Pear Head Chihuahua. He's very precious and loves to run and play. Plus he sleeps cuddled up next to everyone! He's our one and only dog in a house full of feathers!

Lil' Woody

After Woody passed earlier in 2014, it broke our hearts. And we realized that we couldn't live in a house without the chirp of a Zebra Finch. So we went to buy Lil' Woody so Speckles would have a friend again. He acts just like our original Woody too.
We lost Lil Woody on 6/1/15. We will always miss him.


Finally after much thought we ended up getting Mr. Whistles a wife! Her name is Mooshy and he is a Pearl Cockatiel. She is probably the sweetest bird we have since she loves to be pet like a dog. And she cries to get love and attention too.

Lil' Pumpkin

After Skeeter passed, it really took all our hearts. Especially since he had been so sick and was suffering. So we decided to get another little green parakeet to help us remember him.
We lost Lil Pumpkin on 5/20/15. He'll always be in our hearts.


Pacer is the firstborn of Belle and Runt. His name is Pacer because my husband said I paced all night when he was hatching from his egg! I was so nervous since Belle didn't feed him for almost 6 hours after he hatched! I was just about to go to the pet store and get him some formula and finally she took care of him!
We lost Pacer on 9/2/15. He'll always be in our hearts.


Whisper is the second born of Belle and Runt. She was named Whisper because unlike Pacer, she didn't make a sound at all when she hatched. I didn't even know she was in the cage until the next day! She she was born almost like a whisper.
We lost Whisper on 9/2/15. He'll always be in our hearts.

Kanga (Also not part of the flock)

Kanga is our newst edition and best friend for Charlie. She is an Alaskan Malamute. So far she loves to sleep in bed with us, play outside and go on car rides.

Barney Boo

When Aflac passed, it was very hard for everyone. So this past February we got a new Pekin duck named Barney Boo. He's a sweetheart and lives in the house with a diaper on. The picture taken was him in front of my daughter's bookshelf. He was picking his bedtime story!
We lost Barney on 8/2/15. He'll always be in our hearts.


This is our sweet little Pineapple Head Conure. He's a great big baby and loves to be kissed and pet. And his favorite thing to do is show off by hanging upside down! He also has a beautiful chirp and loves to talk to his family all the time.His best friend is Squeaky.
We lost Anuenue on 2/21/17. He'll always be in our hearts.

Fred (Not Part of the Flock)

Fred is our newest member of the family. He is a Russian Tortoise with a big personality. He loves to pet on his head, have control over the house and play in the grass. He also loves to burry in anything he can! He's a sweet little guy and we can't wait to watch him grow.
We lost Fred on 2/4/16. He'll always be in our hearts.

Sunbeam (Not part of the flock)

Sunbeam is one of new beta fish. He is a Rose Petal Betta and he currently lives in Mary's room in a tank of his own. He really is a neat little guy and we're trying to train him to follow our fingers on the glass.
We lost Sunbeam on 11/13/2016. He'll always be in our hearts.

Blueberry (Not part of the flock)

Blueberry is our newest betta fish. He is a Veil Tail Betta and he currently lives on my work desk in a tank of his own. He's really friendly and we're trying to train him as well.
We lost Blueberry on 4/18/2017. He'll always be in our hearts.

Turquoise (not part of the flock)

Turquoise is another one of our betta fish that we have. He is a Delta Tail Male and he currently lives on my work desk too. He has the tallest tank and has a gorgeous glow.
We lost Turquoise on 10/15/2016. He'll always be in our hearts.

Mr. Moneybags (not part of the flock)

Mr. Moneybags is our Bearded Dragon who loves to eat crickets and get pet. He's a sweetheart and loves to be held and kissed. He's about 3 months old  right now.


We never knew how lonely it would be without a Pekin duck in the house. After Aflac and Barney passed away, we finally got Doodles. He's our newest Pekin duck. He lives full time in the house and has a pet stroller that he comes with us in.
We lost Doodles on 4/2/2017. He'll always be in our hearts.

We've also made up this wonderful chart to show who has had babies and who their parents are as well. As you can see, Mr. Pete is a grandpa this year!

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