Thursday, September 29, 2016

The 2016 Lincoln MKC

I love to review cars and since I had never tried a Lincoln, I thought my birthday would be a good time to do so. Our family received the 2016 Lincoln MKC to review for two weeks and it was a great family car! It was a lot different from the other cars I had reviewed before since this was the first one with push button gear shifts. It took a bit to get used to but after you did, it was just like driving any other car.

The body of the Lincoln MKC was very sleek and the ride was smooth. There were a lot of different features I loved and they included the light up marquee at night, the trunk space, the navigation and of course the sunroof.

Another amazing feature was that at night, the entire interior lights up with blue lights. Everything from the cupholders to the glove compartment box! At night the Lincoln MKC really shines its best in my opinion.

Make sure to watch my video below for my full walk through and review of the 2016 Lincoln MKC!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wearing the Azure as a High Waisted Skirt @RachelLuLaRoe

I'm not usually a huge skirt wearer but when I find a comfortable one with a great pattern, I can't help but try it. This is how I felt when I checked out the Azure skirt from Lularoe. I had never shopped with Lularoe before so the first thing I had to do was find a consultant. My lovely consultant is Rachel Stansberry and how it all works is you join your consultant's Facebook group. They have certain shop days where you can pick what you like and then buy them.

When Rachel sent me a picture of the Azure's she had in my size, the one that popped out to me was this one because of the adorable camera design on it. Since I love photography, I thought this one was perfect!

Now I have to be very honest in that when I got the Azure and tried it on for the first time, it took me a while to figure out how it looked best on me. I am more of a pear shaped person so I don't like a tight fit on my bottom but I love wearing skirts high on my waist. What's so great about the Azure is that you can wear it in so many different ways. Just YouTube Azure Lularoe skirt and you'll see that it can be worn as a dress, a skirt, a shirt, a poncho, etc. It's crazy how many outfits you can get out of one piece!

How I ended up styling the Azure skirt was as a high waisted skirt. I pulled it up to right below my bra line and put a skinny red belt around it. Underneath I had a white shell shirt and then a red crop cardigan. I also wore a red patterned tichel to make it match even more.

Overall I was super impressed with this one little piece and love the vintage look I got from it. It felt very me and I got compliments on it too.

If you're interested in checking out Lularoe, join up with my consultant, Rachel Stansberry!

Outfit Details: Azure Skirt from Lularoe || 2 in 1 Tichel, Butterfly Patterned Tichel  (similar on Wrapunzel) || Crop Cardigan from AliExpress || White Shell from Chadwick's of Boston || Photography by Mary Elizabeth Photography

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Enjoying the Warm Outdoors in a Midi

I love taking Mary to have little adventures sometimes. It's a fun mother and daughter time and we get to discover new things. Two days ago, Mary and I ventured out during the day to  a few new places to just have some fun and explore. One of our stops was to our local art museum and inside was a gorgeous piano that was repainted. It was so pretty we both couldn't resist taking pictures with it. It really made me wish I could still play!

Inside the art museum they were doing a scavenger hunt too so we picked that up and will come back for it another day.

The next stop was to a new park in our town that we had passed by so many times before. It even had a Free Little Library at it so we checked out some of the books they had to offer. Then Mary decided she wanted to take some pictures of the trees and walk around a bit. Overall it was very relaxing.

Last for the day was picking pears in our yard. Since we moved into a house, we have had a pear tree that blooms every summer. So before the summer is out, I pick the pears the best I can without a ladder. Most of the time they go to feeding the animals but it's better than them being wasted.

All throughout the day I was very comfortable in my new midi dress from StyleWe as well. It came below my knees for extra coverage, was high necked and had a quilt like comfort to it. It's the perfect dress for autumn and I even paired it with some boots I had from last year.

Outfit Details: Half Sleeve Outdoor Midi Dress from StyleWe || Shiny-licious Tichel, Lace Sash  (similar on Wrapunzel) || Photography by Mary Elizabeth Photography

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Join Us for the #WhyStorkOTC Twitter Party!

Are you in the process of conceiving a baby? Or maybe you have been trying for a long time without success? We want to hear your stories! Join us for the #WhyStorkOTC Twitter Party on September 28th where you will learn about The Stork OTC that has been helping couples conceive naturally without being in a doctor's office.

WHAT: #WhyStorkOTC Twitter Party

WHEN: September 28th at 8PM EST (7PM CT, 6PM MT, 5PM PT)

WHO: Panelists
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HOW TO JOIN;  Follow the #WhyStorkOTC hashtag

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Story of Doodles the Duck #MetOnPetfinder #ad @Petfinder

“I acknowledge that Petfinder is partnering with me to participate in its ‘#MetOnPetfinder 20th anniversary celebration’ program. As a part of the celebration, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services for the purpose of promoting Petfinder. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.”

Anyone could tell by visiting my site that I have a lot of pets. But did you know that most are adopted? Take for instance, Mr. Whistles. We adopted him when we found him not being treated properly in his previous residence. The day we got to take him home, his previous people threw him in a cardboard box, taped it up and give him to us like that. Who would treat a parrot that way?

Over the years, I've had a lot of pets and I'm no stranger to adopting. I've spent countless hours searching online for animals that need a forever home. One of the sites I have used in my searches is Did you know that on Petfinder you can search for not just cats and dogs but also birds, small animals and even barnyard animals like ducks and chickens?

And speaking of barnyard animals, that's how I adopted my newest baby, Doodles my Pekin duck.

Through the years, I've had two very special Pekin ducks but both were killed in tragic ways. And it wasn't until this past April that I even thought about getting another duck. I guess it's hard to understand, but once you bond with a duck, it's not the same without one. Ducks are very special animals in the fact that they can imprint on you. Imprinting is when you get a duck when it's very young and are constantly around it without other ducks. Eventually that duck will imprint on you and think it's a little human. I know it sounds crazy, but all my other Pekin ducks imprinted on me because of this too.

When we went to adopt Doodles, he was only 2-weeks-old. He was in a bin with about 60 other baby ducks and they had no water, plus their wood shavings were filthy. When I picked him up for the first time, he got so scared that he threw up right on my hands. It broke my heart but we adopted him and took him home.

Doodles became a special duck because he has never lived outside. From the time I adopted him, he has lived in the house with us. When he was little, he bathed in the bathroom sink and lived in a pet stroller that was lined with pet liners. And as he grew older, he started bathing in the tub and he now lives in a playpen in the living room. He has his own set of stuffed animal toys that he plays with and he loves to play with the dogs too! But what really makes him funny is he hates being outside. If I go outside, I have to force him to come and take a walk. And when he's done with his walk, he will go sit back up on the front porch and wait for me to open the front door to let him back in.

Doodles and I have been best friends since I adopted him. I guess he thinks of me as his mother duck because he follows behind me where ever I go. He's one of the best friends I could have ever asked for and it would have never been possible without adopting him.

For the past 20 years, Petfinder has worked to ensure that more adoptable pets find their forever homes. Since 1996, Petfinder has helped facilitate more than 25 million pet adoptions through its shelter and rescue member organizations. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Petfinder is asking pet parents, pet lovers and pet advocates to join the celebration and its effort to donate $200,000 benefitting 20 shelter and rescue members. To make this donation possible, Petfinder is asking animal lovers to help generate one million views of its #MetOnPetfinder anniversary video by October 24, which shows how adoptable pets have transformed the lives of their adopters. When the one million views goal is met, 20 Petfinder shelter and rescue members will each receive a $10,000 grant from the Petfinder Foundation to help continue to transform the lives of the pets in their care and cultivate more lifelong relationships. As part of the celebration, Petfinder families, advocates, partners and fans are encouraged to share their Petfinder adoption stories on social media by using the hashtag #MetOnPetfinder.

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