Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Animal Themed After School Snacks

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Looking for adorable and healthy snacks for the kids when they come home from school? In our house, animals are the favorites so here are some very cute and very healthy animal themed after school snacks. The best part? All use either fruits or vegetables!

Check out Animal Themed After School Snacks

by Katherine Bartlett at Foodie.com

Monday, September 1, 2014

Effortless Back to School Meals with Coca Cola & Walmart #ad

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With school in full swing in our house, we are always looking for easy meals to please everyone. And let's face it, sometimes I just don't feel like cooking. Especially with it being so darn hot outside! So that's why we ended up trying Walmart and Coca-Cola's new Effortless Meals.

Coca-Cola and Walmart have come together to create “Effortless Meals” for moms through a variety of meal options – take ‘n bake pizza, flavorful sandwiches, and ready-to-serve rotisserie chicken. By picking up Walmart and Coca-Cola effortless meal bundles, moms can quickly and conveniently enjoy tasty family dinners with their kids without the hassle of cooking. And that's a huge plus to me! Plus you can unlock bonus points on My Coke Rewards for purchasing Effortless Meals too!

So tonight for an easy dinner, we got Coke and a large cheese pizza from Walmart from their effortless meals selection. Of course, we did add a few things of our own to the pizza, like spinich. Mary actually loves spinach on her pizza so that's a plus for me! And since I didn't have to do much cleanup, we had time to watch the sunset before bed.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Eating Chia Seeds the Fun Way #MammaChiaMagic

This review and giveaway was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Mamma Chia. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

It wasn't until recently that my husband found out about all the health benefits of chia seeds. He's actually been buying them in the health section of our supermarket and eating them raw but when I told him about MammaChia, he was glad to have something new to try!

The first thing I ended up picking up for him to try was the organic vitality beverage. They come in a variety of flavors too but my personal store only had these two. When I brought them home, my husband tried them ice cold which he says is the best way to have them. Now he said the taste is very good but the texture is thicker than he's used to drinking. So he ended up making a smoothie with his bottles. That way he had a thinner texture to drink plus he was still getting all the nutrients.

And now MammaChia has a new product, the vitality snack which is a squeeze pouch almost like applesauce. These are great for lunchboxes for back to school too since they have amazing flavors and lots of nutrients.

So how did we enjoy them? The flavors are amazing and really make tasting them a fun experience. Although they are a thicker texture, you get used to it, especially with the squeezable snack pouches.

If you want to find MammaChia products, use the store locator here.

Our August FabKids Outfit

I am a FabKids Blogger. All opinions are my own.

Just today I had a nice discussion with another blogger about how it's getting harder and harder to find girls' clothes that are modest. Most of the clothes for little girls now are either super short or tight and that's not allowed in our house. And I don't like being forced to buy something I don't approve of because it's the least of the evils in the store either. So a few months ago when we found FabKids, we were completely impressed that the dresses for girls actually go to the knee. But what's even more impressive is that the outfits they sell for girls always come with leggings or tights for underneath. And that just adds to the modesty that it gives a little girl.

We ended up choosing the Fall Ready outfit from FabKids for August and I love it. It's not only modest but super cute too! Paired with her leggings and her new Ralph Lauren Polo shoes, Mary's modest and all set to go!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Go Ahead and Show Your #NewCarFace for Cars.com

Sponsored by Cars.com

Have you bought a new car recently? For the past few years we've had a minivan for our car. I actually picked it out myself one day when I traded in my old car but my husband finally admitted to me that he didn't like driving it. Honestly I had never thought of it but I guess he just wasn't ready to be a soccer mom! So after driving past our normal car dealer many times, we finally stopped in and picked out a gorgeous Dodge Ram 1500. And since we buy all our cars from the dealer, they let us take it home for the night to decide.

So we were driving it home and we completely fell in love with it. That is until the check engine light came on! So promptly the next morning we took it back and told them we weren't interested unless they fixed it first. Well they ended up fixing what had happened to it and we went back two weeks later and they let us take it home again. And this time it really was fixed! So finally, with my husband drooling, we bought it!

Have you recently bought a new car? Then you need to enter the Cars.com new car contest and show your new car face. They are going to be paying off one lucky winner's car loan up to $25K.

How to submit an entry: 
1. On Twitter: Upload a photo of your new car + happy new car face. Use #newcarface and mention/tag @carsdotcom in your post.
2. On Instagram: Upload a photo of your new car + happy new car face. Use #newcarface and mention/tag @carsdotcom in your post.
3. On Facebook: Post a photo of your new car + happy new car face on the Cars.com Facebook wall (as a new post). Be sure to use #newcarface for your entry to be valid.

Legal Aspects of the Contest:

  • Participants can only submit 1 entry during the promotional period 
  • Visit http://bit.ly/1pLUGey for more examples of #newcarface entries, additional contest details and rules. 
  • Open to legal US residents (excluding MD, NJ and TN), 18+ who hold (or whose immediate family member holds) a qualifying vehicle loan or lease. 
  • Begins 7/29/14 at 8:00:00 am CST and ends 1/2/15 at 12:00:00 pm CST. Prize value up to $25k. Subject to the Official Rules at http://bit.ly/1pLUGey
  • See Official Rules for full details, including eligibility criteria and qualifying vehicle restrictions. 
  • Sponsor: Cars.com, a division of Classified Ventures, LLC. Please do not include any personal information, like your license plate number. 
  • A “New Car” is considered a new or used car bought or leased on or after 1/1/2012.

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