Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What Do Moms Care Most About When it Comes to Their Kids?

I am a Just Label It Advocate. All opinions are my own.

Did you know that a vast majority of Americans, including some celebrity moms, stand with mandatory GMO labeling? Just Label It released a wonderful video on August 4th about how a number of America’s favorite celebrity moms came together to sign Just Label It’s Conceal or Reveal petition in support of GMO labeling. Moms featured in the video include Jordana Brewster, Jillian Michaels, Sara Gilbert, Ginnifer Goodwin, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Constance Zimmer. The video, which is embedded below, highlights the question, “What do moms care most about when it comes to their kids?”

When it comes to my daughter, I want to know what she's eating. We are a very holistic family and I believe in natural remedies along with natural foods. I want to know every ingredient that she eats to keep her healthy. Wouldn't you?

Just Label It’s Conceal or Reveal petition, signed by these celebrity moms and many other parents, food advocates and supporters across the country, asks Quaker Oats of PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, General Mills and Kellogg’s to stop blocking Americans’ right to know if there are GMOs in their food and to support mandatory FDA labeling. Large food companies combined have spent more than $168.4 million since 2013 – $51.6 millionin 2015 alone – to fight GMO labeling campaigns across the country. Their trade association, the Grocery Manufacturers Association, is supporting the anti-consumer DARK Act, which will make it even harder for consumers to get the transparent labeling they deserve. This dangerous bill just passed in the House of Representatives.

If what’s in your kids’ food is important to you, be sure to sign the petition here and share this video to help spread the word!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

See the Country With #USCCBigCountry

I am a US Cellular Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

This summer, U.S. Cellular, a wireless carrier offering national network coverage, is teaming up with award-winning television personality, chef and food writer, AndrewZimmern, to premiere “Big Country,” a five-episode digital series where the mobile carrier and Zimmern find deserving customers from across the U.S. and take them to places they’ve always wanted to visit, including New York City, Portland, Maine, Bend,Ore. and San Francisco.

Did you know that millions of Americans have never traveled or never left the state they grew up in. Many have dreamed of taking a special trip, but lacked the time or opportunity to do so. In fact, a recent travel survey conducted by U.S. Cellular found that about one in three Americans (30 percent) have never traveled across the country.

“Big Country” will air beginning July 20 online at www.USCellular.com/BigCountry, as well as on uLive.com, FoodNetwork.com and TravelChannel.com. Edited vignettes will air on Food Network and TravelChannel. The series features U.S. Cellular customers who have lacked the time and opportunity to travel far from home. Participants were selected via nominations from friends and family encouraging them to enjoy the travel experience. Their stories include overcoming the fear of flying and seeing the New York City skyline via a helicopter tour.

U.S. Cellular is searching for one more hopeful explorer to star in the fifth and final episode of “Big Country.” You can apply or nominate others HERE, now until August 10 for the opportunity to travel with Andrew Zimmern, backed by U.S.Cellular’s nationwide wireless coverage. This opportunity is only opened for U.S. Cellular customers.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Join the #BICFightForYourWrite with a Fun Activity for Your Kids!

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Making a diary with BIC pencils

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When was the last time you actually saw your child write something down? Most of the time, kids today just use their phones for everything. It's rare to see a child actually using pens or pencils anymore on anything outside of school. So that's why I love BIC's new initiative to Fight for your Write. On their site, you can sign a pledge to use handwriting throughout your home and community. And for every signature on the pledge, they are donating pens and pencils to AdoptaClassroom. I think this is a wonderful pledge. Handwriting is a beautiful art and it's becoming a lost one now with all our technology. 

Growing up, I had horrible handwriting. But back then, we had to take handwriting in school. So every year I would be embarrassed when the end of the year exam came up. But after trying and practicing for a long time, I finally excelled so much in handwriting that our principal made an announcement to the whole school one year about me and how practicing pays off. I think it's important that children learn handwriting because it gives you a sense of worth and meaning when you can write things down for yourself.

Doodling is amazing for a child's imagination

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BIC was generous enough to send Mary over a notebook and BIC pencils to get her started and her idea was to make a diary. I love that idea and it was so creative! Her diary is full of handwriting and of course pictures of the things she loves. 

If your kids don't really like handwriting, challenge them to find something that includes writing that they would like. Maybe making comics and writing in the speech bubbles! Mary loves to make comics and that's a great way to share handwriting with less willing children.

What are some of your ideas on how to introduce handwriting to kids?

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dryel Makes Freshening Up My Snoods Easier

I am a Dryel Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Can you believe that it's almost autumn? I still have no idea where most of summer has gone but I'm really looking forward to autumn. It's my favorite time of the year and it always has the best clothes in my opinion! I love wearing tights and leggings, nice wool skirts and boots, jackets and sweaters; the list could go on! But my favorite fashion item right now for autumn would have to be my snoods. 

If you've never seen or heard of a snood, it's basically a longish type hat that you can hide all your hair in. I love wearing them because they cover my ears when it gets cold and helps keep my head warm.

But one problem with snoods is that they are too delicate to wash in a washer. But I still like to freshen them up so they don't get stinky. And for that, I use Dryel. 

Using Dryel with snoods is super simple. Just put the snood in the bag with the Dryel and put it in the dryer. When it's done, you'll have a fresh snood that smells great and will feel so much better on.

Dryel can be used on so much more than just snoods too. You can use it with pretty much any clothing that you need freshened in between washes. I've used it on everything from snoods to my husband shirts and it works every time.

What clothing item for autumn would you use Dryel on?

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What Would You Do With #MoreMinutes ?

It seems like there isn't a day that goes by that I don't say I wish I had more time in the day. I am always in a hurry to do what I need to every day that sometimes I don't even have enough time. And there's really never any time for little things like haircuts. Honestly, I can remember the last time Mary had her hair cut but for me? I have been growing my hair out since it was super short so I haven't had a cut in years. I just never have the time! So today I decided to do something for myself and take the Great Clips #MoreMinutes challenge.

Back to school haircuts with Great Clips

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When I got to Great Clips, I noticed the big sign at the front entrance that said you could save more time with their online check-in. I have done this before coming and it really was amazing. All you do is download the app and find your salon. Put your name in and once you get there, you're already on the list. When I got to my salon, I went straight back. I didn't even have to wait.

What would you do with more time?

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Once inside the salon, I saw more signage that shared about their new program. Great Clips wants to see what you would do with more minutes in your day! So they are asking to see selfies of yourself after your cut and what you would do with more time. So with my phone in hand, I went to get my hair cut for the first time in years.

New bangs for my snoods. What would you do with #moreminutes from a great clips cut?

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Overall I was super impressed with Great Clips. I told the stylist that I wanted to keep my length but to clean it up. And I also wanted side bangs since I wear a snood every day. She understood and made it looks great. And she even thinned out the bangs since my hair is really thick and straightened them for me too.

If you're always looking for more time, I encourage you to check out Great Clips for a fast and great haircut!

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