Sunday, December 21, 2014

How to Add a Touch of Vintage Glamour to Your Home

You don’t have to be crazy about vintage to appreciate its charm. Vintage is all about glamour and style, and it’s no wonder that so many people adore this arty and distinct look. If you fall into the category of vintage-lovers, read the following info to see how you can add a touch of old school charm and flair to your home décor.

Start Small
As with many things in life, it’s the small things that can sometimes add the most personality to the décor of a room. Start to think of ways in which you can add a touch of vintage glamour into your home by simply accumulating a number of key pieces. Small changes like removing your plants from their regular contemporary vases and housing them in old tea tins or teapots make a big difference.

In order to gather a collection of suitable pieces, check out the local flea markets in your area and have a rummage through your grandparent’s attic before you choose to invest in more expensive items from antique shops. Once you have a small assortment of items, you can place them suitably throughout your home and add to this collection as and when you come across new items.

If you end up with several small items that you want to display, but have no unifying theme, just use a matching set of small shelves to showcase them on.

Blend Old with New
Even though you may have your home decorated with modern features like UPVC bi fold doors or contemporary lighting, you can still create a good look by blending the old in with the new. Vintage end tables, dressers and other furniture pieces can be mixed in with your current style more easily than you may think.

To get the proportion and look of ‘old and new’ just right, give your décor plan some careful consideration.

Experiment with Colour 
Vintage is all about colouring in your home with gorgeous glamour. Most modern homes are overrun with clean lines, neutral colours and simple forms that may look aesthetically appealing to some, but they don’t make for a very interesting look.

Accenting a bedroom wall with patterned wallpaper can transform a boring and dull looking room into one that oozes style and sophistication. Vintage inspired wallpaper can look great when put inside the inside of bookshelves and dressers. Pastel shades – such as duck egg blue, mint and pale pink – are predominantly associated with classical periods.

Restore Some Old Furniture 
We all love a good rummage around in a second-hand shop or a car boot sale, so why not put this to use and pick up a few items of old furniture that could be restored into something quite beautiful? Anything that symbolizes vintage-chic would be perfect for a renovation project. The next time you come across an old coffee table or a dusty chandelier, buy it and put in the time and effort into restoring it into something that’s eye-catching and encapsulating.

Ultra glam and totally inspiring, your vintage-inspired home décor will take you right back to the roaring twenties and let you re-live a time when everything had so much character. When it comes to the design process, don’t forget to start small and build your collection from there.

Remembering Childhood Memories #GarthLovesMom

Compensation was provided by GhostTunes via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Ghost Tunes or MomTrends.

When I was a little girl, there were a lot of singers I can remember my mom listening to. And Garth Brooks was one of them. She had so many of his albums and always had them on in the house on Saturday morning. Now that I look back on it, it's a sweet memory of my childhood.

Now Garth has come out with a new single called "Mom" and it reminds me of being a kid. Plus in celebration of Garth Brook’s brand new single, “Mom,” GhostTunes is offering one lucky mom and a guest the opportunity to see Garth in concert, complete with hotel and airfare! For more information and to enter to win the contest, visit  The Garth Brooks landing page on Ghost Tunes.

If you'd like to hear the extended version of the single, Mom, then check out Garth Brook's page on Ghost Tunes. And if you're wondering what exactly Ghost Tunes is, GhostTunes is a full-service online music platform offering millions of songs, albums, products and creative bundles from artists across all genres — creating a gathering place for listeners, artists and the music that connects them. Founded by Garth Brooks, one of the world’s best-selling artists of all times, GhostTunes celebrates the personal connection between artists and listeners who live for and love their music. The GhostTunes platform gives fans the freedom to listen to purchased music on the device of their choice while providing artists with a new way to sell their music any way they dream. 

Have you ever listened to Garth Brooks? Will you be checking out his new single, Mom?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Charlie's Just Begging for Petbrosia

I am a Petbrosia Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Ever since the first day that we got Charlie, he has been a picky eater. Mostly because his regular dog food he had been eating before us was pretty bad. Of course when we got him, we changed his food, but he's still a pretty picky dog. He will leave most of his food in his dish and just walk away. He's almost as finicky as a cat! So when we were asked to check out Petbrosia to see is Charlie would eat that, I decided to give it a try.

Of course Petbrosia is delivered by the UPS man so that right there got Charlie right to the door. In his normal "I will protect my house" stance, he waited by the door to see what the UPS man would be dropping off for the day.

Then I unboxed the food just to check it out. Of course Charlie stayed right there. He could smell the food right through the box! What makes Petbrosia so special is that you order it based on your animals' breed, age, weight, food allergies, activity level. and other needs. You simply imput all the needed information into the ordering page and Petbrosia does the work for you in finding out what's perfect for your pet. Plus all their foods include all-natural meats, fruits, and vegetables grown and raised in America. For Charlie, I picked the salmon and as expected, salmon was the first ingredient in his food specially mixed for him. And as most pet parents know, a huge deciding factor on whether pet food is good or not is the first ingredient.

Since Charlie was super excited on trying on the food, I gave him a little sample at the door. He really enjoyed it and as you can see, he took some and ran off with it which is typical with him. I've already transitioned him off his old food as well so now he's only eating the Petbrosia.

Using Petbrosia is super easy too. You simply go to the site and hit the big "Start Here" button at the top right. Then you just answer questions about your pet including their breed, weight, activity level and allergies. Charlie is allergic to wheat so we imput that and his food is wheat free. After that you can sign up to get your Petbrosia food!

Another great thing is that if anything ever changes with your pet, you can update it and their food will be updated accordingly.

I'm excited to see how Charlie will transition into Petbrosia and how he'll be acting in weeks to come. Since this food is specially made for him, I'm interested to see how his energy level will be and how he'll be feeling.

Be sure to keep reading our updates on his new transition into Petbrosia food.

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Easiest Chipolte Lime Hot Wings Dipping Sauce

One of my favorite recipes is hot wings. I can't get enough of that amazing buffalo sauce and I usually get it when I go out anywhere. But sometimes I crave a new dipping sauce other than ranch dressing. I can't eat blue cheese due to allergies so I'm always looking for something that will complement my hot wings nicely. And I finally found a super easy recipe that can be made in less than 5 minutes!

All you need for the recipe is Hampton Creek Chipolte Mayo, 1 lime, salt, pepper and parsley for topping. Simply take your Hampton Creek Chipolte Mayo and put the amount you want in a bowl. Then take the lime and squeeze all the juice from it into a separate bowl. Slowly pour the amount of lime juice that tastes right to you into the mayo bowl. Then add in a pinch of salt and pepper and mix well. Your last step is optional but looks great for presentation which is adding a bit of parsley for decoration.

Overall this dipping sauce is super easy to make and it's a quick and easy rendition on Chipolte Lime Dipping Sauce that can be found at many restaurants.

Do you like hot wings? Would you try out this dipping sauce with them?

Life360 is the App to Have on Your Kid's First Phone

With the holidays pretty much upon us, a lot of parents will be looking for gifts for their kids. And one of those gifts might possibly be their very first phone. I remember when I got my first cell phone. I was thirteen years old and it was my birthday. When my parents brought out my new cell phone, I was so thrilled that nothing else mattered at that very moment.

Of course this was back in the day of old phones that only did one thing - call other people. Now we have phones that can download apps and do many other functions.

So if you're thinking of getting your kid their first phone this year, then you need to download Life360 before giving it to them.

Life360 is an amazing app that helps you check in with family from anywhere you are. With Life360, simply open the app and add people to circles. You also have the ability to add separate circles which allows you to organize your family members based on who you're with at any given time, and they can be short-term, like just while you're traveling together. After you finish that, you instantly see everyone in your private circle on the map. Users can also message the whole group at once or on a 1:1 basis.

I really liked using Life360 because it helps me have peace of mind without making me feel like I'm driving my family nuts. Since you can check-in with someone instantly and also help locate a family member, it's way easier than calling to keep checking in.

Another awesome feature is that you can get alerts when your family comes and goes. So if they leave the house, you know when they did and when they get to their destination safely. I love this so much since I worry when anyone leaves the house without me!

Overall if you want an easier way to keep tabs on your family and loved ones, I highly suggest downloading Life360. Currently it's available on iOS, Windows and Android.

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