Back to School for Kids and Moms #ad #NordstromRack

Sponsored by Nordstrom Rack

Who said back to school only had to be for the kids? When it's back to school for Mary, we both get outfits! Mostly because we home-school so we're both trying to look nice for field trips and other places we end up going. And really, who doesn't want to look nice everyday?

But sometimes clothes can be super expensive and as my dad always told me, I have expensive taste. I can walk into a store and pick out the most expensive item in it without looking at price tags. And even though I love expensive items, my pocketbook doesn't. So where can someone shop who wants designer clothes but doesn't want to pay designer prices? Nordstrom Rack!

Nordstrom Rack helps you dress to impress with designer brands at clearance prices. They help you get brands you love at up to 70% off! New arrivals are added every week plus you get free shipping over $100, easy 90-day returns to stores & earn Nordstrom Rewards! And no more waiting forever for your items to ship. All Nordstrom Rack items ship in 1-2 days!

Below is a gorgeous outfit that I put together for moms going to back to school night at school. My parents always looked forward to those because they got my schedule and went to all my classes like they were me. They said it was always fun to see what classes I decided to take during the year.

This entire outfit can be bought on Nordstrom Rack for $138 which is a steal since you are getting some great pieces! The dress can be jazzed up with so many different items and just look at those shoes!

Want to see a cut kids' outfit for little girls? Mary wears dresses 365 days of the year so I love putting together adorable outfits for her. Just take a look at the gorgeous outfit I made for her for $158!

Are you still searching for the perfect outfit for your kids' first day back? Then make sure to try Nordstrom Rack for their amazing prices!