Get Organized This Christmas: Gift Buying Guide


The run-up to the holidays should feel magical and exciting. But, if you let festive tasks slip to the wayside, the weeks and days before Christmas can quickly become stressful and overwhelming. 

If you’re usually guilty of leaving present shopping to the last minute, this guide will equip you with the need-to-knows of getting gifts organized in time this Christmas.

Write a List

Keeping a mental note of all the people you want to buy gifts for is challenging. 

To make sure you don’t forget anyone, write down or save a note on your phone of each person you intend to send a gift to. And cross the names off once you’ve bought their present.

Set A Budget

More often than not, most of us tend to spend above and beyond to get the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Which can sometimes leave us with one big problem following Christmas - debt! 

To prevent overspending this year, set a budget for each person based on what you can afford, and stick to it! In doing so, there will be no store credit card bills to worry about in January.

Start Early

It’s never too early to start thinking about browsing and buying presents for your friends and family. Starting now gives you the advantage of shopping without racing against the clock in the days leading up to Christmas. 

Plus, it means you have more time to look for something thoughtful and meaningful for your loved ones. 

Look for Sales 

The earlier you begin buying presents, the more opportunities you have to take advantage of upcoming sales. You can usually find what deals are on by searching for ‘sales near you’ online, or ‘toy sales’ etc. 

Equally, using coupons and store card reward points to put towards gifts is a smart way to save money. And prevent Christmas presents this year from costing you a fortune. 

Shop Off-Peak

The weekend and especially the evenings in December are prime time for many to hit the stores and stock up on their decorations, gifts, and food for Christmas. 

To avoid the rush, if you can, head to the high street when most people are at work between the hours of 9 and 5.

Shop Online

If you work during the week when the mall is quiet, an alternative and preferred option for many is to order gifts online. 

There isn’t much you can’t buy on the internet these days. From a Rolex Watch to a bottle of wine, you’re bound to find some fantastic gifts for all.

However, you’ll need to start shopping online early. The postal service is bombarded with cards and parcels to deliver in the run-up to Christmas, which could delay your presents arriving on time.

Hopefully, the above tips have given you a few ideas to get ahead with present buying this Christmas while also helping you to saving money as you do it. 

Having your presents wrapped and ready in advance this year, means you’ll have more time to join in the festivities with friends and family.