5 Effective & Affordable Corporate Gift Ideas


Whether you are the owner or manager of a large business or else of a smaller and even family-run one, there has never been a more pertinent and important time to reward the hard work of your loyal employee than now, especially after the hardships and turmoil which resulted from the outbreak of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

With this in mind, continue reading for some effective and affordable ideas for gifts for employees and for other corporate events.

  1. Wireless Charging Journals

If your company is involved in the technology industry, or else your employees definitely have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest handheld device innovations, then a fantastic idea for a corporate gift is a wireless charging journal.

Not only will both your employees and clients be incredibly impressed with their gift, but they will be able to effectively use it in both their personal and professional life and what is more, as they are so competitively priced, they turn out to be significantly more affordable than what you might think.

If you still find wireless charging journals to be slightly out of your budget and price range, a cheaper yet similar option would be branded power banks instead.

  1. Leather Notebooks

Another excellent idea for a thoughtful yet practical gift for clients and hard-working employees alike is a leather notebook.

For even more of an impact, you can not only have your company logo and tag line engraved into the front of the book, but also have a message from yourself printed onto the opening page.

For an environmentally-friendly alternative, you could research both online and in the high street the most sustainable paper products which are entirely eco-friendly and have been wholly ethically and responsibly sourced.

  1. Jewelry

For a more sentimental and somehow more special-feeling gift for your clients and/or employees would be a piece of jewelry.

A fantastic idea which again suits any kind of business model and industry, gifting your employees a piece of jewelry is one of the most effective and affordable ideas of them all, especially when you purchase wholesale silver hoop earrings from a reputable and established online supplier.

  1. Water Bottles

A corporate and client gift that is certainly more popular and seen much more frequently is that of a water bottle emblazoned with the company logo.

As well as the obvious affordability of such a gift product, the other stand-out benefit of choosing a branded water bottle is that it is applicable and makes sense for companies operating in literally any industry across the entire business spectrum.

  1. Cocktail Canteen Sets

For a cheekier and more entertaining gift for both your company’s clients and employees, why not consider a cocktail canteen set!

If you work in the hospitality industry, there can be no better way to celebrate your company with a branded cocktail set and for bonus points, you could even have someone creative on your team to develop your own company cocktail recipe and name.