The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers at Heart


Do you love to travel or do you know someone who does? I love learning about and seeing new places but with this year and other circumstances, it can be hard. So whether you're a seasoned traveler or an armchair traveler like me, I wanted to put together a list of the best gifts for anyone who is a traveler at heart!

If you love Bavaria and anything German, then you're going to love the handcrafted beauty of They sell not only cuckoo clocks but also weather houses like the one I received along with lots of other beautiful German keepsakes. Everything is made right in the black forest in Germany and the craftsmanship is gorgeous.

My little weather house is adorable to say the least! You simply rotate the top red pin when you get it. Turn it until the man comes out a little if it is wet weather and turn it until the woman comes out a little if it's dry. Other than that, there is no other work to be done and you can always enjoy it!

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Letters from Afar

If you love to get old fashioned letters, then Letters from Afar is for you! Each month you get a beautiful handwritten letter from a different place around the world. The letter not only has beautiful artwork on it, but it's also full of fun information front and back! My thirteen year old Mary really loves this subscription and we use it for homeschool. Each month is very affordable too at $6! This would be the perfect gift for anyone who loves to get mail and travel!

The Grace and Delilah Candle Club

If you love candles and traveling the United States, then you should check out the Grace and Delilah Candle Club. Each month you receive a 16oz soy candle shipped to you in various scents. You can request a different scent if you are interested in something else, and I was very interested in the US State Candles! They have the states in a candle form with a unique scent for all of them. Each candle also has a fun fact and a list of unique towns to that state on it. I love this idea since I can't travel back home to New York, but I can light this candle and pretend I am there! It's like a mini escape!


If you've always wanted to travel to the Holy Land, then this is the subscription box for you! Artza is a quarterly box that is themed on a different Israeli town each time. For our box, we received Bethlehem and all our items were made right there. Our box was packed full of amazing full size handmade and artisan products that were precious to receive. And the quality of this box is amazing. You aren't getting cheap little things here. These are gift worthy items that are sure to impress!

Spice Madam

If you're looking for a fun time at home, then check out Spice Madam! Each month you receive a box with recipes, spices, music, and fun facts about a new country! It would make for a fun night in and also a great homeschool project! The recipes are great and a lot of them are vegetarian friendly too! They are reasonably priced too at $20 each month!

Goose Creek Candle World Traveler Collection

Have you ever dreamed of traveling around the world? With Goose Creek World Traveler Candles, you can feel thousands of miles away right in your own home! Goose Creek has an amazing collection of candles for different countries. Each country has a distinctive scent and can make you feel like you're on vacation! We were able to try out England and France and both were amazing! The burn is even with these two wick candles and the tins they are in are gorgeous! And the best part is the scent lingers even into the next room! When I had France lit, you could smell it all through my cottage house! Now I wish I could collect them all!

Universal Yums

If you love trying foods and snacks from different countries, you have to try Universal Yums. We have tried a few other snack boxes that are from different countries, but none of them have compared to Universal Yums. Each box is packed full of snacks and candies from a different country each month. For our box, we received Italy and we were in glory! This box was STUFFED with food and we all started to dig in right when it was opened. In addition to the snacks, you also get a 12 page booklet that tells fun facts about the country, information about the snacks, quizzes, trivia and more!

Miss Maisy's

And this one is for all the world travelers who love letters and cooking! Each month with Miss Maisy's, you will receive a beautiful letter in the mail along with recipes from that country. Each month is a new place to visit in a gorgeous letter and the recipes are authentic of the place too! This is a really fun treat for anyone who loves getting a letter from a friend and also loves to cook new things!