Rose Art Extreme Air Brush Studio

If your kids love to color for hours on end, then the Rose Art Extreme Air Brush Studio is the perfect gift for them!

Mary has loved to draw since she was very little but coloring to her is tedious. But with the Rose Art Extreme Air Brush Studio, she's been able to draw and color using lightning speed!

The set itself comes with fifteen markers which to me is a huge plus. I hate when I buy a kit but I still need to go by other pieces for it. With this kit, all I needed were the batteries which were already in my cabinets.

Putting together the set was really easy. All you pretty much do is add your batteries to the grey battery pack and then load the pack in the red carrying case. Then you're ready to airbrush!

To airbrush, all you do is push a little button down on the airbrush pen holder. Then you're ready to make a masterpiece!

Mary had a blast doing her's and even used the included stencils to make some great pictures!

Check out how fun and easy to Rose Art Extreme Air Brush Studio is to use!

And for all you Black Friday shoppers, there's going to be an amazing sale at Walmart! Instead of it being $19.97, it's going to be $9.97! So if your kids love to color and love art, then this would make a great gift for them!



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