Give Meaningful Gifts This Holiday Season: A Guide

Imagine this: it’s the end of Christmas day, the presents have all been opened, the festive food has all been eaten and you are ready to sit back and relax in front of a warming Christmas movie. But you can’t, as all around you are piles of new plastic toys and screwed up wrapping paper that make you wonder whether it was worth it at all.
The disposability of some gifts given over the festive season can be truly astounding. With this in mind, here is a helpful gift-giving guide to help you inject some individuality and creativity into gift giving this Christmas.
Ensure your gifts are long-lasting
A huge number of toys and gifts that are given around the holidays are broken or disregarded by the new year. Make sure this doesn’t happen by gifting something that should last a lifetime. Jewelry is a fine example of this and you shouldn’t just think of jewelry as a gift for adults. Gifting jewelry to children makes them feel special and grown up, and it can become something they can save for when they are older and keep close to them. Have a look online at to see if there are any gifts that you would like to give to someone special this season.
They should be personal
Personalization is a wonderful way to make gifts more meaningful this Christmas. Do you have an aspiring writer in your life? Buy them a notebook and an engraved pen in which they can write the next great American novel, and be sure to have their name embossed on the front. Tote bags, t-shirts, wine glasses, anything and everything can be engraved or embossed with names, places, and important dates. Consider anniversaries, birthdays, or even the name of the classroom you first met in when deciding what and how to gift. Going the extra mile to add a personal touch to a gift shows the recipient just how much they mean to you.
Think about experiences
Days out, date nights, hot air balloon rides, whatever your budget, you can create an experience that will excite and delight the giftee. You can start small with tickets they can cash in for a catch up at their favorite coffee shop, for example. If your budget is a little higher, then consider gifting a day out at a local attraction: theme parks, zoos, movie theatres. The list is endless, it just needs your imagination to make it happen.
Make your gifts yourself
Are you the best Christmas cookie maker in the world? Put your talents to good use and make them into gifts for your friends. Presentation is key when it comes to homemade gifts, so get creative, add some ribbon, and ensure that it looks like you’ve tried to make it look pretty and well crafted. Put your Christmas baked goods in an old mason jar that you have decorated to look like a festive snow scene. Whichever way you choose to present these gifts, they will always be received with so much more enthusiasm because of the time, effort and love you have put into them.