​ Fun Places to Visit in Bedfordshire


Are you looking to get away from the noise and confusion of London for just a few days? Perhaps you’ve never been to Woburn or Ampthill in Bedfordshire but there’s plenty to do that will keep you entertained during your stay. It’s close enough to travel in an afternoon but just far enough away to offer a bit of quiet you wouldn’t get in the city. Whether you are looking for a quiet respite from a busy week at work or maybe a bit of fun at a pub that wouldn’t be packed like sardines in a tin, there is something for everyone of all ages.

Enjoy a Family Day at Woburn Safari Park

When bringing the kids along, you’ll want to plan some of your stay with attractions for them in mind. The Woburn Safari Park hosts more than 80 species of wildlife with a road through the park that you can travel as many times as you’d like. See tigers, lions, and bears in the open and then take the guided Foot Safari with a guide who gives a fantastic view of some of the tamer animals who call the park home. In all, it’s a fun day for all so plan to spend about 3 hours there.

A True Taste of Italy in Ampthill

One of the things that visitors to Ampthill really enjoy is the authentic taste of Italy only served up at Fratelli Cicchetti Restaurant and Lounge Bar. Open from Thursday through Sunday, the food is prepared fresh from local produce and on certain days of the month, there is live entertainment to enjoy. You can check out the menu on fratelli-italian.co.uk to see that the dishes are among some of the finest this side of the continent. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the bottomless brunches and the bottomless bars, so do take time to make this one of your stops.

Just as Much Fun for Adults: Petpiggies Mini Pigs

While we’d like to say that this is a place for the kiddies, it’s actually just as much fun for the adults. It’s a place to pet and cuddle these adorable little mini pigs and you are sure to fall immediately in love with them. You just might wish you could take one home with you! Petpiggies Mini Pigs is open for the 90-minute tour from 2:30 to 4 PM daily. It is suggested that you wear suitable clothing as it is an outdoor event and although there are protections from weather that is more severe, you will be outdoors for the entire time.

If you’re looking for a bit of local charm, time your visit for the third weekend of the month where the Village Traders host a Farmers’ Market on that third Sunday of every month in Woburn. However, if you are looking for the castle in Ampthill where Catherine of Aragon received her divorce decree from Henry VIII, it’s no longer there! Not even a stone is left standing but townspeople and tourists flock there to see where it had stood and are probably happy that this bit of history is gone. You’ll find just enough to keep you busy in either town, but enough quiet to know you’ve left the city behind.