Essentials For New Moms and Dads


If you know someone who has just given birth to their new baby bundle, then there is a good chance you probably think that they will definitely need some essentials.
While there is a chance that some parents are prepared before the due date and have everything ready, it is not always the case. And, if we are honest, there are plenty of things that new moms and dads just cannot ever get enough of.

This piece will guide you on what essentials you can buy for new parents to help them get on their way with the intense journey of raising a child.


First and foremost, it is no secret that babies are little pooping machines, and this is something parents do not want to get caught short with. It is worth asking in advance if the parents in mind are planning on using reusable diapers or ‘ready made’ diapers, as that will direct you to which ones you can buy or have on hand for them.
However, a mixture of both is probably a good start at the beginning, especially for emergencies and outings!

A Body Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is essential for new parents on the go, especially if they have a little one that is prone to getting the grumps in the middle of the night. The carrier can offer a baby extreme close proximity to their parent, which can be very comforting and make it much easier to support the baby when walking around.


If you are friends with parents, then you have no doubt heard stories about why they are late to an event because they had to change their own clothes and their child’s clothes three times before even setting out of the front door. Babies can be extremely messy, whether that comes to their own bodily fluids or external substances such as food – so having a few spare changes of clothes is just part of life when you become a parent. That being said, there is no reason you cannot have some special clothes on standby either for important occasions. Treat new parents to customized twin onesies to put a smile on their faces.

A Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow or just a comfy, supportive pillow for parents to use when they are feeding their child is essential for their comfort.

Sometimes it can take a baby a while to take to feeding, and with the number of times parents have to feed them, it can get a little taxing if you are always having to move to try and find a comfy spot or are worried about waking the baby when they finally go down.
A supportive nursing pillow is a great gift for new parents as you are also acknowledging their comfort too, which, if we are brutally honest, will be minimal for the next few years.

If you are not sure what to get the new moms and dads in your life, ask them exactly what they need, as gifts for babies should be useful and not just for show.