TenMarks Helps Kids Never Forget During the Summer #Spon

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Summer has always been a time that Mary looks forward to. She loves when school is done for the year and she can have a little break with some fun trips. Since we home-school through the entire year, even though she learns during the summer, I don't make it as rigorous as the rest of the year. And Mary welcomes that little break. 

Research shows students lose two to three months of grade level math equivalency over the summer, which impacts their readiness for the next school year. TenMarks is working hard to keep students engaged over the summer to reverse learning loss in math before heading back to school.

Since Mary does her math year round, I wanted to check out TenMarks to see what level she was on and if she was currently ready for the next grade. And it was really simple to use too. All I had to do was sign up and it made Mary her own account to login to.

Once she logged in, she was able to start her assessment to see what she needed to work on. The TenMarks Summer Math Program is designed for students completing grade 1 through Geometry and Algebra 2, helping build their math foundation and skills over the summer break at their own pace and time, and benefitting teachers who typically spend the first few weeks of a school year re-introducing the previous years’ teachings. 

The program starts with a diagnostic assessment it uses to automatically create a personalized summer curriculum, which reviews concepts from the previous year, and introduces concepts for the year ahead. As students work through their curriculum, they use embedded hints and video lessons to refresh what they know while learning new material. The program adapts with targeted interventions for real-time learning assistance. 

After Mary finished her assessment, it told her she scored a 95%. So that definitely means that she's ready for the 2nd grade next year. Another feature I really like is that if the material is too easy or too hard, you can change it from the adult account. I was able to change Mary's material to going into 3rd grade since the previous material was way too easy for her. That's what's so great about home-school too. You can make your own curriculum based on your child's level. Mary reads at a 6th grade level right now so she had 6th grade reading curriculum. And last year even though she was in 1st grade, we did all 2nd grade material. So this year she will be skipping 2nd grade and going right into 3rd grade.

So far I really liked TenMarks because it seems to be great for kids to have a refresher before the next school year. The program is available today and runs through August 31, 2015, and is available free to every family in the United States—parents should visit http://summer.tenmarks.com for more information and to sign up. The TenMarks Math for Students app is available for tablets on iOS, Android or Fire OS as well.