Roadtripping in the 2015 Toyota 4Runner #toyotadrives #letsgoplaces

Two weeks ago my husband brought some of his family up for a visit. It was the first time in almost ten years that we had seen any of them so it was really fun getting to know everyone again. But the first thing that went through my mind was, "I don't have enough seats in my car!"

Our car is a sedan and it sits 5 people. We also have a pickup that sits 3. Since we are only a 3 person family, they work just fine. But when you have a huge family, like 6 people, you need a car that will get everyone in! So Toyota let us try out their 2015 4Runner for the week they were here and it was a blast!

When the 4Runner came, it instantly felt like I was hopping into a Hummer. It's big, powerful and has a great look to it. And I'm a sucker for gadgets and it really did have plenty of them. One of the features I really enjoyed was the navigation system. It was right on the mark every single time I used it. And it will remind you about 3 times before each turn which I liked since sometimes they can sneak up on you.

The backseat was great for kids especially since it had adapters back there for them. That way they could plug up their games easier. They also have a private cupholder section in the middle if you're only using 2 seats.

The controls in the front of the car are very easy to use and figure out too. I really like the gas mileage calculator because I actually watch that more than the gauge. Plus you can control a lot just from the steering wheel.

Inside of the 4Runner, it looks rugged which is a great feature. I also liked that you can change the mode of driving with another stick shift depending on the terrain your driving on. That's great for the outdoors.

Overall it was a very comfortable and big ride. I do suggest that you need some running boards since I had to jump into it myself and Paul's aunt could only get in it with a chair under her! Maybe we're just short but it was high for me. Running boards wouldbe really helpful for that.

The 2015 4Runner retails for $42,345.00.