Free Online Money Games for Kids


Are you worried that your kids might not be learning enough during their time at home? Or maybe you already homeschool and want to help your kids brush up on their money skills? Personally I have dyscalculia so learning money was a struggle for me when I was younger. But learning games helped me master some skills when I was younger.

Something that I really like about playing money games is that there are no ads on the games at all. From someone who gets distracted easily, I know how hard it is to focus when there are ads everywhere on your screen.

All the games on the site are free and there are a LOT. Some of my personal favorites are Penguin Cafe which is adorable  & Cash Back 

In Penguin Cafe, you own a little cafe business that moves every day to a new location. You have a set goal of how much your tips should be for the day and to get tips, you need to make your customers happy. With your tips, you can purchase upgrades for the cafe and yourself so you can earn even more. I love the fact that this helps kids learn to save money to buy bigger purchases and to be smart with their spending decisions.

In Cash Back, you are the cashier and each customer comes to make a purchase. They always need cash back and you have to click to make them the exact amount of change needed. I really love this one a lot for kids who struggle with making change. I can make change if I am told the amount the change will be but I can't do bigger types of math in my head so this is perfect for practice. You can also change the difficulty level as well as your child advances.

So if you're looking for something fun for your kids to do while they are home, let them learn and have fun doing it with some money games!