5 Common Challenges of Homeschooling Your Child


So, you’ve decided to homeschool your little one. Well, you’re in good company, as the stats show there are about 3.7 million homeschooled kids in the US alone. And in light of the current challenges with the global pandemic, more parents are opting to homeschool their kids. But while this is a growing phenomenon, homeschooling comes with many challenges. And before you take up the responsibility, it’s important to make sure that you’re up to the task. Here are some potential homeschooling challenges and how you can navigate them.

  1. Dealing with being in the minority 

Today, homeschoolers are increasing at an estimated 2% to 8% each year. While the homeschooling population has grown rapidly due to the coronavirus, it’s still in the minority. That means you’re pretty much swimming against the tide should you decide to homeschool your child. And while there’s no need to justify your preference, you should expect several looks of disapproval from other parents. The best thing you can do is ignore what others think and focus on what’s best for your child. 

  1. Parental stress from lack of breaks

During traditional school days, you can have time during the day to take care of other responsibilities while your child is away in school. However, with the extra task of handling your child’s tuition, managing your time effectively can be challenging, especially in the beginning. And the lack of breaks can put a massive toll on your mental and emotional health. But it does get better with time. The most important thing is to create a schedule or timetable you can stick with. 

  1. Juggling with chores and work

One main challenge you’ll face is your ability to juggle homeschooling your child with taking care of other chores at home. While this is a common problem, many parents have found a great solution in delegating responsibilities. Instead of doing it all alone, you can learn to delegate and find ways to incorporate chores into your child’s homeschooling routine. 

  1. Expertise and relationship with your child

Another stumbling block you may expect is getting the teaching resources you need and your teaching expertise. Regarding expertise, your major challenge may have to do with maintaining order, depending on your parenting style. For example, some parents might find it difficult to be stern when enforcing punishments and maintaining discipline. And parents that have toxic relationships with their children might find it extra difficult to get them to cooperate. Regarding teaching expertise, you can find a significant number of teaching aids and resources to use. For example, you can use some phonics for tweens materials to help your child enhance their reading skills. 

  1. Social skills, isolation, and loneliness

You may also feel concerned about your child’s social skills. But homeschooling your child does not mean they should be locked away from the rest of society. Sign them up with peer clubs, sports programs, entertainment groups, etc., to keep them from feeling isolated and help improve their social skills.