Teach Kids About Colors and Sensory with Muzzle Puzzle

Muzzle Puzzle is a matching pairs maze game which is great for the whole family! Seemingly simple enough use your finger to find a path to reunite each Muzzle monster pair. The catch? No two paths can cross each other so be ready for a challenge!

To play this fun app, you simply touch one of the monsters and drag your finger to it's mate. To clear the level, you have to make sure no paths are crossed which can be a challenge! There are 150 levels in this app so it starts off at a child's level but easily becomes an adult game later on. So that means you can spend more family time with your kids while you play this game together.

In the later levels, there while be multiple matches of the same color too so the challenge never ends! Muzzle Puzzle combines a matching and maze game to teach problem solving, spatial reasoning and memory, fine motor skills and reinforces the learning skills important in early childhood education.

So far I've been able to get to level 10 with Mary and we're really having fun with it. It's a very cute game and what's even better is it's free! Mary loves to play it in the car when we're on the road and it keeps her busy.

Here are some of the fun features to Muzzle Puzzle:

  • A beautiful multicolor user interface
  • Adorable Muzzle monsters who will surely become your child’s new best friends 
  • 150 levels of puzzles from easy to super challenging 
  • Multiple audio controls so you can control music and key-tap sound 
  • You and your child can share that you’re playing Muzzle Puzzle via Facebook with a handy button that posts an app icon and link to the game on your Facebook wall.
Currently you can download Muzzle Puzzle on iTunes for free!