Family Orbit App Review

In this day and age, it's sometimes hard to keep track of everyone. I know even when my family goes out, sometimes we get separated from each other in different stores and it would be nice to be able to find them without having to run around each store screaming their names.

Now there's an app that helps keep your family in tune with each other where ever they go. It's called Family Orbit and it lets you communicate with your family members on a private network.

Some of the amazing features of Family Orbit include:
  • Family Locater which can let you find the location of a family member at any time.
  • Location History to see where your family members have been during the day.
  • Family Places which lets you make a virtual "fence"  that the kids don't need to go past.
  • Check In's which alerts you when a family member checks into a certain location.
  • Share Photos with anyone in your family network.
  • Battery and Wifi Status which lets you see how much battery is left on each family member's phones and check if they are in range of Wifi.

Family Orbit is also great for teens too because you can monitor their photos, their contacts and they can even initiate panic alerts when they are in danger. This can give any parent peace of mind when their kids are out without them.

This app is wonderful for any family to have and currently it is free and available on Google Play and iTunes