Make a New Years Resolution to Protect Yourself Online

I am a HotSpot Shield Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

With it being new years eve tonight, everyone will be making their resolutions very soon! So instead of making the normal ones of making more money, losing weight, and getting a new car, why don't you make a resolution to protect yourself better online?

With HotSpot Shield's VPN for androids and iPhones, you can safely browse the internet on your phone and not have to worry about an open WiFi connection. It's very simple to turn on and off and you can prevent hackers from stealing your personal information because your connection will be encrypted. Plus you can even change the country so you can access blocked sites.

Another amazing plus for HotSpot Shield is that you can also protect yourself on up to 5 devices! Currently I have HotSpot shield on my desktop, laptop, iPhone, android and tablet! So where ever I connect, I know I am safe! And it's free to download so what are you losing?

You can download HotSpot Shield for your computer here and you can also check out their Facebook page and main website for more information!