Give an Allowance to Kids the Easy Way with Mazoola


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Have you ever wanted an easier way to give your kids an allowance? I know when we first started giving Mary an allowance, we kept track on paper and gave her cash. But after a while of doing this, it was stressful because we don't keep a lot of cash on us. And she was racking up a lot of allowance for the time I kept forgetting to give her cash! 

Then we started to look into getting her a prepaid card. But the fees on those cards are insane and you have to use the money within a certain amount of time or it expires. 

Finally we found Mazoola which is a simple to use app that lets me pay her allowance with my phone. How does it work? First, download the app to your phone. It works with android and the apple. If you download it from this link, you will get the app free for a year plus $10 when you fund your account!

After downloading the app to your phone, it will confirm your identity and then you can invite a child. You will be given a code and your child will download the app on their phone and register as a child using the code you gave them. That will link them to your account. Once they are linked, you can go into your account and connect your bank account to easily transfer allowance to them. You can set the day you want automatic transfers to happen or you can transfer manually depending on when you would like. Inside the app, you can set chores for each child and they will have to confirm inside their account that they are finished with them. 

You can also approve which stores the kids can shop at as well. The kids have two options to spend their allowance. Either through the app in a store they are approved for, or they can pay in store. The kids never have access to a full card number to use for shopping unless you give them permission inside your app to see it. You can also let them have approval to shop at any store if needed.

What else is neat is inside your app, you can see where they are shopping and how much they are spending. Overall I really like the app, the simplicity it gives to parents to pay allowances and the freedom it gives kids to learn how to spend and save money wisely!