5 Mommy & Me Outfit Ideas for a Summer Wedding


What better way to enjoy a wedding than by wearing the same dress as your baby girl? Moms and daughters should always stick together, showcasing the same impeccable style during these joyous occasions. However, finding wedding clothes suitable for both children and adults can be a real pain.

Luckily, some outfits are great for just about any occasion, like the collection at tween clothing store Hayden Girls (https://www.haydengirls.com/collections/mommy-me). You can get some fantastic ideas by visiting their site!

In this article, we’ll suggest 5 wedding Mommy & Me outfits that would be perfect for you and your girl. Check it out!

  1. Flowery extravaganza

Nothing screams summer more than flowers! This is the season when nature is in full force, so it makes sense to wear an outfit to match this beautiful natural coloration.

You and your girl can try out different floral combinations ranging from tulips to daisies and daffodils. Our personal favorite is the sunflower. Although many people perceive it as a boring species, we love its character. Furthermore, it's a type of flower that always attracts attention due to its size and can easily be mashed with yellow/orange colors.

As for the top, you can choose between several different designs. Crop tops are an excellent choice ensuring that you don’t sweat too much during the wedding. They also mix well with long summer dresses.

  1. Hi-lo enchantress

One of the common issues is going overboard with your Mommy & Me dresses. Some designs can be a bit too open for smaller girls, which is why you should shy away from them. However, we think that hi-lo outfits are just suitable and won't attract unnecessary attention from other guests.

The thing we like about this model is the fact it’s breathable. As it goes with summer dresses, you don’t want to feel stuffy during a long wedding procession. They ooze elegance, and you'll probably be the best-dressed mother-daughter couple at the event.

If you go with a simple pattern, you can easily match it with different shoes and bags. However, complex outfits might be more noticeable.

  1. Eyelet embroidered finery

Switching gears, we come to eyelet embroidered dresses. These models are much more complex and usually require additional work compared to simple hi-lo. The number of small details on embroidered outfits will make you gasp, and you can only bow down to exquisite craftsmanship.

You can choose between long or short sleeves. Although we generally prefer long-sleeved models for weddings, as they’re more official, you can also look fabulous with short sleeves. As for patterns, you can go with simpler dresses with little to nothing on them, or you can go with floral motifs.

Given that your child will be wearing this item, make sure it's fully lined. Of course, most manufacturers make these clothes, so they're not see-through, but just in case.

  1. Comfortable maxi dress

If you wish to glide around the venue, you should definitely go with a comfortable maxi dress. These outfits are perfect for ladies who are a bit more conservative or want to cover their children. However, they can also be a powerful fashion statement if you find the right product.

Unfortunately, walking in these dresses is sometimes a choir as they go all the way to the ground. Your baby girl might find the outfit daunting, preventing her from running around and having fun with other kids. So, make sure to try it out together and see if she can walk properly.

As for patterns, we suggest going with stripes. They can make you look a bit wider, which is a fantastic way to offset the elongation from this particular model. Alternatively, you can buy a piece that has different patterns on top and bottom.

  1. Tassel pop-star

When we think about Beyoncé's and Rihanna's styles, it's hard not to mention tassel dresses. These provocative pieces are an excellent choice if you wish to spend all night dancing. Your kid will love swirling left and right and watching tassels turn as they do.

Nowadays, the internet is littered with this particular dress type. You can choose between various models and patterns. Generally speaking, these outfits are skimpier than most products on the list but are much better for moving around.

White outfits seem like an easy choice, but you might also find some cool products in vibrant blue, yellow, and pink. Avoid dresses that combine numerous colors and patterns; tassels are funky enough as it is!