Summer Fun in P.S. Aeropostale

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This past weekend was an amazing one for Mary and me. It was the first time we saw my father, her grandpa, in three years! It was a very nice weekend, especially when he said he was coming back in about two weeks for another visit too!

Mary wanted to look her best this weekend so with the help of P.S. Aeropostale, we dressed her in style to go see grandpa.

The dress and sunglasses were both from P.S. Aeropostale and I think Mary looked adorable in them! I did add a white shirt underneath the dress though because I don't like a lot of skin showing for her. And if you're wondering what she's holding, it's the V-Tech Reader for the car ride!

When grandpa saw her, he thought she was just the cutest thing he had ever seen! But I think Mary helped that out a bit with some of her poses...

Seriously, she strikes a post better than me...

So if you're looking for some cute summer clothes for the kids, check out P.S. Aeropostale!