How to Reduce Stress as a Business Owner


Stress. It sits on our shoulders and creeps up when we least expect it - when we are trying to get something done, when we are trying to sleep, or when we are trying to relax with our families. Stress is the most dreaded feeling and it’s hard to prevent, especially when you have so much on your plate. Being a business owner is a prime example of having too much to do and it is easy to feel stressed with the paperwork begins to pile up on your desk, but if you take a deep breath and work through it, you can get it done! I believe that reducing your stress-levels is extremely important when it comes to your work life, your home life, and to your overall health and well-being. So, with that being said, I have come up with a few ways to help you reduce your stress as a business owner. Reduced stress should result in more happiness, better sleep, and more satisfaction with life, in general, and that is what we should all be aiming for!

Stay on top of your finances 

Bad finances is one of the most common ways to get stressed out and unfortunately, America in general really struggles with poor finances, typically starting when in college. A lot of kids jump into college, rack up student debt, and have to live off of credit cards and loans. As a business owner, you want to make sure to limit your debt as much as possible, in order to stay stress-free. Of course, there will be some instances where some debt is good, but for the most part, the less debt you have, the better. You do not want to have to live paycheck to paycheck, stressed that you will not be able to put food on your table.

Trying to get more clients is always helpful in staying out of debt so making business cards and passing them out can be an option. Captain Notepad business cards are of high quality and are a great choice.

Delegate tasks 

This is one of the most important things you can do, in order to limit or reduce stress. Delegate tasks and find trustworthy help. When you have others to help you with your business (or home tasks), it reduces the amount of work on your shoulders and will lighten the load. If you are stressing out about cleaning your home or bathing your dogs, outsource it and find someone to do it for you. NCSU says, “Delegation is important for 1) efficiency and 2) development. Delegation improves efficiency when it allows work to be transferred to people whose skills are a better match for the work. You are in charge of planning and strategizing the next steps for your team. When your teammates are able to carry out most of the routine activities required of your team, it will allow you the time and effort needed to plan for your team’s next move. As a team leader, you possess important skills and abilities that you can pass on to your team members. The best way of doing this is to coach them in the new skills and then delegate tasks to them so that they may use those new skills. Delegating is a great way of encouraging your team members to develop themselves and for you to develop coaching and mentoring skills.”

Optimize your tax credits 

If you are not a CPA, this could be confusing for you, so I recommend hiring someone to help you out, but optimizing your tax refund and tax credits/incentives is very important for your business because it will ultimately put more money in your pocket. When you do this, you need to be very careful to make sure you are following the correct laws and optimizing correctly. Because of this, I recommend checking out a professional especially if you are a contractor in need of help with cis reclaim.

Spend time with family 

Spending time with the ones you love is important because it will fuel your body and mind, which keeps you happier and more relaxed. Make sure you are taking breaks at work - if you over-work your body and mind, you will become burnt-out and will either not want to go back to work, or you will perform poorly at work. Family and happiness should always be a priority in your life, no matter how much work is on your table. This is another reason why delegating is so important - it creates flexibility for you, which allows you to take breaks and do the things that you love.

Find ways to de-stress 

From bubble baths, massages, and pedicures to extra sleep, laughing with family, and curling up on the couch with a movie and some popcorn, there are many ways that you can de-stress on the weekends, after work, or whenever you need it most. De-stressing is essential because if you let all of the stress build up, it is very hard to control it. Managing it as it comes along is much better for your health and happiness.