Awesome Gift Ideas For Those Who Like Personalized Gifts


If you are somebody who likes to put a bit more thought into the gifts that you give, you may be looking for options relating to personalizing presents for your friends and family members. Or, you may simply have a lot of people on your gift list who like to have customized items!

But with so many gift ideas available online that are personalized, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what to get for the people in your life. So, this short guide introduces you to some fantastic gift ideas for your friends and family that have a bespoke touch. 

The Alcohol Aficionado

Most people know somebody who collects alcohol bottles, thus making personalised alcohol gift bottles an excellent idea for them, whether it’s their birthday or Christmas. A personalized alcohol bottle can have your friend or family member’s name engraved on it, a date embossed on it, or even a catchphrase that is personal to you and them. And it is highly likely that even if the alcohol in the bottle (which is usually whisky or brandy) is gone, they will keep the bottle as a keepsake for many years to come.

The Garden Lover

For the friend or family member in your life who is green-fingered, there are lots of things you can purchase for them that are personalized. The most obvious starting point is a set of garden tools such as a trowel or a spade that has their name engraved onto it or a date that is important to them molded onto the handle. You could even purchase customized plant pots or even a set of hardy garden gloves for them that have their name sewn onto them.

The Fact Fiend

Everybody knows someone who loves to know about everything. So, suppose you are looking to buy a personalized gift for a fact fiend. In that case, it can be worth purchasing a book that is based on quizzes. Also, you could buy a one-day university program or some kind of skill-building course, which can be online in an area that you know they are interested in studying. Still, try to keep any bought courses as light and as fun as possible!

The Music Maker

There are so many options for personalized gifts for those who are fans of making their own music. If the person you are buying a gift for loves to play their drum kit, then it can be worth getting a pair of personalized drumsticks that can be as simple as having their name engraved on them. If you have a friend who is learning to write music, you can get them a personalized music book with blank music sheets spread throughout the book and their name on the front.

The Bookworm

Most people associate personalized books with children. However, there are many online groups that are able to make personalized books for adults as well.

This will usually be based on how-to guides, which can be ideal if you have a friend who is a bit of a bookworm and wants to learn a skill. Or they can be based on nostalgic childhood books that you know they have read, newspaper books based on a specific date that is significant to them, or even comedy manuals.