Using Splendid Spoon for a Tummy Reset

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you know that I have Ulcerative Colitis. I have had this disease since 2017 and since then I have had to learn how to eat differently.  

Most recently, I woke up one morning to a very sharp pain that I had never experienced before in my lower colon. I actually screamed out in my sleep when I tried to foll over because it was so intense. The pain itself was not like anything I have never had with Ulcerative Colitis so I ended up going to my regular doctor. Honestly, I thought I had pulled a muscle from exercising. But after a CT scan, it confirmed that I have diverticulitis. For normal people, that is treated with antibiotics but I can't have antibiotics with UC because it irritates it. So my doctor wanted me to take it easy on my stomach for about 10 days and then check with them again. But taking it easy to me was always drinking straight broth and jello. I personally don't like doing that at all because it always leaves me still hungry all day long. 

After researching online, I was able to find a great company called Splendid Spoon that offers vegan smoothies, soups and noodle bowls that are easy on the stomach. I was super impressed with the fact that they were dairy and soy free and even had low sodium options because those are the 3 things I have to watch out for. 

How it works is you start by having a reset day which means you eat 5 light soups for that day. These soups are delicious and really do fill you up. I absolutely loved eating them! Then from day 2 and on, you have a smoothie for breakfast, a soup for lunch and then you can have a noodle bowl for dinner or a dinner of your choosing if you didn't get the noodle bowls. For me, I got the Breakfast and Lunch package because I like making my own dinner. So I had a smoothie for breakfast and a soup for lunch. These really did help my stomach out and I was super impressed with how good they tasted!

Check out my video review below and if you're interested, try Splendid Spoon for yourself!