3 Tips For Proposing With Sincerity


Genuine marriage proposals are a sincere act no matter how you look at it, but it’s important to remember that in our social-media-defined culture, it’s easy to look at things on the surface and feel as if we have to replicate them in order to do things “correctly.”

While tradition and looking at considerations that everyone else takes pleasure in can be a good guide, it’s important to remember that you may wish for something of your own, that is, to take away the pomp, circumstance or common expectations for proposing and instead do it in your own way.

This might help you truly enjoy the process rather than worrying about it from start to finish. It can also help you figure out what it is you’d rather spend on, such as a vacation away as justification for the act or browsing through the right 1.5 carat diamond rings to make a statement.

In this post, we’ll discuss three alternative methods of looking at a proposal, if only to do so with utter sincerity. 

Don’t Be Forced Into Traditional Roles

Traditionally, the man of the relationship proposes. But of course, that doesn’t have to be the case. There might not even be a man in your relationship. What matters is that the person who proposes feels so in love and so sure of the future with their partner that they wish to propose no matter what. If you feel that tradition is the thing holding you back, don’t feel as though you have to let this pause your intent. Most people understand that being proposed to is perhaps one of the most flattering things anyone could do for you. If you like tradition, that’s wonderful too. What matters is feeling free to make your own choices.

Propose In A Place That Has Meaning

It can be nice to propose in a fine dining restaurant or somewhere picturesque. In fact, it can be amazing to do such a thing with such an incredible backdrop. But the main thing to get right is to propose in an area that has mutual meaning for you. This might be near where you first met, or on a vacation you’ve been wanting to take for some time, or after a wonderful stay with your family or friends. You get to decide the place. But you’ll always refer back to this memory, so pick it well.

Take Your Own Time

Many people say that there’s a format and schedule to how relationships should go. Within a year, you should be living together, and within two years, you should have proposed, for instance. But those are just relatively open guidelines that seem to change whenever someone approaches the topic. Don’t feel as though you have to propose right now, or that you should wait forever to do it if you want to do it now. What matters is knowing you have a strong relationship, that marriage is on the cards, and that you care about your shared values and goals. The time doesn’t matter, what matters is doing it well.

With this advice, we hope you can lessen some of the stress of proposing, and instead focus on enjoying the event in question.