Fantastic Birthday Gift Ideas For A Self-Confessed Foodie


When searching for the perfect gift for your close friend, family members or partner for their upcoming birthday, it can be somewhat of a struggle to find something that they will not only absolutely love but is more personalized than generic.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn of five of the most fantastic birthday gift ideas for a foodie.

  1. Chocolate Factory Tour

If your loved one has a strong sweet tooth, then try a magical Willy Wonka-esque treat of a tour around a local, or even farther afield, chocolate factory.

Be sure to book your tickets in plenty of time and for added impact, why not keep the destination a secret until the day you arrive at the factory. Top chocolate factories in the United States include M&M, Jelly Belly and Lindt, to name but a few.

  1. Themed Snack Box

Another absolutely fabulous and slightly different gift idea for the foodie in your life is a themed snack box, full of authentic sweet and savory treats that are themed around a certain favorite city, state or even country.

A delicious box full to the brim with New Orleans snacks is the perfect present and, even better, you can choose such a gift snack box from a reputable and reliable online supplier.

  1. Around The World Drinks Boxes

With subscription boxes positively booming over the last few years, there are now ample choices of drink subscription services to choose from and suit anyone, even with the most unusual and discerning tastes.

If your loved one enjoys travelling almost as much as sampling different culinary delights from different countries, then a fabulous birthday gift for a self-confessed foodie is an around the world drinks subscription box. Every single month, either for half or for the entire year depending on your generosity, they will receive a drinks box stuffed full of samples of weird and wonderful drinks from everywhere from Japan to Portugal.

  1. Luxury Spice Box

For the more discerning food lover, a slightly more costly but ultimately incredibly impressive birthday or Christmas gift this year would be a box of luxury spices.

Spices and herbs are not only a fantastic way of experimenting with different flavors and textures, but also hold various health benefits as well, including the following:

  • Tampering the feeling of nausea (ginger)

  • Lowering blood sugar levels (cinnamon)

  • Improving cognitive brain function (sage)

  • Relieving pain and discomfort from IBS (turmeric)

  • Improving heart health (garlic)

  1. A Gardener’s Herbs Kit

For people who enjoy a more sustainable and self-sufficient life, especially those who live in an environmentally friendly way and are keen to keep their personal carbon footprint as low as possible, a fantastic idea for a birthday gift is a gardener’s grown-your-own herbs kit.

Even if your loved one has a small and shaded back yard, there are still plenty of different varieties of herbs that will positively thrive and the satisfaction in growing one’s own seasonings for mealtimes adds a sense of fulfilment to their journey into exploring food and flavor combinations.