A Comprehensive Guide To International Schooling


If you are considering sending your child to a British international school, you will no doubt have a million and one questions spinning around your mind.

Naturally, the happiness and safety of your child is the highest priority as well as trying to achieve the highest level of education possible and that is why here, for your information and of course reading pleasure, is a comprehensive guide to international schooling to help you make the best choice.

Important Things To Look For In International Schools

Obviously, one of the fundamental elements of an excellent international school is an unbeatably impressive curriculum and where feasible, boarding school facilities of top quality.

Other things to look for in potential international schools include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Academic Standing

  • Educational Programs

  • Extra-Curricular Enrichment

  • Global Networks

  • Commitment To Community

  • Local Connections

  • Exceptional Facilities

  • Spacious Grounds

  • Strong Support Systems

  • Personalized Learning

To Board Or Not To Board?

Once you have chosen the perfect international school for you and your child, your attention should then turn to whether or not you would like your child (and indeed would they like) to live at the school during term time.

Obviously, your personal and family situation will be a huge influence on this, but if you find yourself in the position where either option would work, then it would be beneficial to learn the top benefits of boarding.

There is a myriad of advantages to encouraging your child to board at your chosen international school, such as:

  • Life skills

  • A broadened perspective

  • Academic rigor

  • Convenience for both you and your child

  • A way to teach your child responsibility

  • Independence and independent thinking

  • Individual attention

  • Bonding with classmates

Preparing Your Child For International School

Perhaps you are sending your child to international school in the same location as you will be residing, or maybe your child will be attending international school whilst you are in another area of the country or even overseas.

Either way, it is important to thoroughly prepare your child for international school – even more so if they are of a younger age, because, after all, preparation is the key to success.

Some of the most important elements in preparing your child include the following:

  • Encourage Independence

  • Pack Items To Combat Homesickness

  • Pre-Arrange Scheduled Video Calls

  • Only Send Positive Vibes

  • Start A Routine Beforehand

Obviously, from the first day your child starts school, whether they are boarding or not, they will be full of trepidation and nerves, especially surrounding if and how they will bond with their classmates. In an attempt to combat these nerves, an exceedingly useful tip is to enrol your child, however young, in extracurricular activities as soon as you know they have a place at international school. This way, they will interact and form bonds with peers that are not automatically connected via their reception or nursery classes.

It is also worth highlighting the supreme importance of being as positive as possible whenever you are discussing anything school-related, whether you in are the presence of your child or not.