Choosing the right swimsuit for you in 2022


Summer is just around the corner, so it is the perfect time to think about choosing the right swimwear for your trip to the beach or for your vacation abroad! But as there are many different types of bikinis, all-in-ones and tankinis available, choosing one can become overwhelming. It can also be a bit tricky to work out which one will help you feel and look your best. 

To help you get the best fit this summer, here is a guide to choosing the right swimsuit for you.


As obvious as it sounds, you may or may not be swimming when wearing your swimsuit. It is important to ask yourself if you want to go in the water – this might be an obvious choice for you, but you should acknowledge the decision before buying anything.

Do you want a swimsuit that looks stylish while you sunbathe? Or will you be going into the sea and want something a bit more robust and fitted?

If you will be swimming, it is usually best to opt for a one-piece suit – it won't be carried away by a strong wave!


There is a lot of emphasis in the media about body shapes. Especially when it comes to women and swimwear like bikinis. If you are curvy and want plus size swimwear or you are looking for something to swim in, the shape is important. Does the shape and style of the swimsuit make you feel your best? Does it make you want to strut your stuff? Or do you feel exposed? Always choose whichever option makes you feel the most comfortable. Irrespective of your body shape!


This is more important if you are a bit more voluptuous. If you have a slim body but a big bust, you will want swimwear with built-in support. 

This will help you to walk with confidence and not feel under supported. There are swimsuits with built-in bras that can offer support ad these might be well worth investing in. 


When most people go to the beach or on holiday, they pack sunscreen. If you are traveling to a hotter country, however, you may want a suit that offers a bit more coverage. That way, you can minimize sunburn and still look good.

If you are going to be swimming, this also offers the advantage of being secure. It won't come off and won't sag when wet. So, there should be no concerns when stepping out of the sea or pool.


This can be tricky to gauge when you are buying swimsuits online. Whichever swimsuit you are choosing, be sure that the material feels sturdy. This will help if you are spending an excessive amount of money on the suit, as you don't want it to fall apart. One way to check the durability of the material is to try the swimsuit on and see if it sags or looks baggy. If it does, it will not last longer than the summer season.