Invisible Fences for Dogs – What You Need to Know


If you want to keep your dog free to use your yard without having to install a fence all the way around the perimeter – and to know that the fencing you have to keep your dog in isn't something he can jump or climb over, knock down or dig under – then you may find that an invisible fence is a great solution.

Invisible fences for dogs use a combination of technology and training to make your dog aware of where he is allowed to play freely, and once you've gotten your dog used to the system, it is a very effective way to keep them confined without a physical fence. Here we look at how invisible fences work, and how to do best invisible dog fence.

What is an Invisible Dog Fence?

An invisible fence for dogs is a set of equipment that includes sensors that you put around the perimeter of your yard to mark out where the dog can go, and a collar that receives a signal from the invisible fence and knows where the dog is. When the dog wearing the collar gets close to the fence, a sound only audible to dogs will play from the collar to warn them that they are going out of bounds. If they continue, the collar emits a 'static correction'. This is a kind of electrical impulse that creates a tingling feeling on the skin and startles the dog, but doesn't hurt or shock them. The idea is to train your dog with rewards for turning back when they hear the sound, so they learn to avoid the static correction and learn where they are allowed to go.

How Hard is it to Train the Dog to Use it?

Training a dog to use an invisible fence doesn't normally take very long, but it will of course depend on the dog, how old they are, and how much you have already trained them. It can be fun to spend time in the yard teaching the dog about the fence and giving them treats when they do what they are supposed to, and you should find it a fairly straightforward process even if you're new to training dogs.

Is it Safe?

Some people worry when they hear about the static correction that it will be dangerous for the dog, or for people petting the dog when it is wearing the collar. This is because they tend to imagine it working like a kind of electric fence and shocking the animal. In fact, the static correction isn't an electric shock, and is designed just to make the dog realize there is something they need to pay attention to by making them feel tingly and strange. It is perfectly safe, and doesn't hurt them, and it also can't affect people touching the animal.

As you can see, invisible fences can be a great solution if you want your dog to be able to safely play outdoors without escaping from your land.