Reasons Why You’re Getting Headaches


Are you constantly getting headaches and don’t know how to manage it? The throbbing pain you’re experiencing may be so severe that it could be starting to impact your life and cause you to feel unwell. In most cases, headaches aren’t associated with anything serious and may be linked to a minor illness or specific lifestyle decision.

The good news is that in some cases, you may be able to reduce the occurrence of headaches once you are fully understanding of the cause. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the main causes of headaches that you should be aware of:


Stress is one of the main causes of headaches. When we’re stressed our muscles tense, particularly in the shoulders and neck which often leads to a band of pressure across the head. Headaches often occur after a period of prolonged stress – such as at the end of the working week once the body’s stress hormones decline, which then sends signals to the blood vessels and causes tension in the head.

Too much screen time

If you constantly have an ache behind your eyes and at the front of your head and spend a significant amount of your day on screens, there is a very good chance you could be suffering from digital eye strain. There are, however, certain actions you can take which can reduce or eradicate headaches, including the likes of:  

  • Keeping your screen monitor at a distance  
  • Switching your phone to ‘eye comfort level’ which reduces bright tones  
  • Make fonts bigger  
  • Take a reasonable number of breaks from the screen every couple of hours.  

 You Need Glasses

One aspect you may never have thought of behind your reason for headaches could be the fact that you need glasses. The lens which allows us to focus can weaken which puts more pressure on the eye muscles. As a result, it can lead to eye strain and squinting which in turn, causes headaches.

In this case, it would be advised to go for an eye test to determine whether you need glasses. After being given a prescription for the lenses you require, you can shop around for the style of glasses you like on websites such as 


What you eat can have a major impact on your physical and mental wellbeing, to the extent that it could be the reason for constant headaches. Certain foods such as bananas, nuts and chocolate have been known to cause migraines, so you may wish to evaluate what you eat by writing down a list of your daily intake and matching it up to when your headaches occur to determine the source of the problem.

Poor posture  

Poor posture when sitting and standing can cause tension in the neck, shoulders and upper back to the point that it can lead to headaches. Therefore, when sitting for long periods, ensure that your shoulders are relaxed and straight, and you have the correct support for your spine. You could also visit a physical therapist to massage knotted muscles and release tension to reduce the frequency of headaches.