4 Reasons Why You Should Get a Pet


Are you stuck deciding whether or not you should get a pet? Do you envy your friends or family that share their adorable snaps of their pets with you? Although owning an animal comes with great responsibility, there are a whole host of benefits and positive outcomes that are attached with looking after a furry friend. It is a serious decision to make such a commitment, and one that should not be made on a whim, but it is certainly one that can change your life for the better!

For an Act of Charity

If you decide to adopt a pet, as opposed to buying one from a young age, you are giving an animal a second-chance at living a long, happy and fulfilling life! This can be a much more rewarding experience as you retrain an animal’s behaviors from their previous life.

For Your Physical Health

Although the amount of physical exercise that your pet needs will be dependent on the animals and breeds, you are more likely to be more active owning a pet than not owning one! Exercise is a priority for animals, as you can see on this nutrition and exercise article. This physical activity does not only involve walking a dog, but playing with any animal is bound to get you off your feet. However, owning a dog is perhaps the most physically demanding as a dog will need to be walked or exercised daily. This is a great excuse to get outdoors in the fresh air as a quiet leisurely activity, or as a social occasion where you can catch up with friends or meet new ones!

For Your Mental Wellbeing

Not only does a furry friend offer a companionship that means you feel less alone, but when you cuddle a pet, your brain releases special love hormones called oxytocin and special happy hormones called serotonin. Both of these chemicals are proven to reduce stress levels, help you form an attachment to your pet, and make you feel safer when you are feeling anxious. If you suffer from certain mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, or OCD, a pet can be extremely helpful for reassurance and act as an outlet from your condition in your recovery. Having to feed and look after your pet can be a welcome distraction.

For Your Loved Ones

Having a pet in the family can teach valuable life lessons to your children, offer a constant presence for a lonely, elderly family member, and even assist disabled relatives to improve their mobility and live with their condition. For example, a child with autism may find human contact or relationships difficult, but can find comfort in developing a relationship with their pet.

If you’re still undecided on whether getting a pet is right for you, you should consider starting with something small like a hamster, before getting another animal that allows you to be more involved and take greater responsibility, like a cat or a dog!