Know Your Limits: 5 DIY Jobs You Should Never Attempt Yourself


If you want to be self sufficient and save a bit of money, you should learn how to do some basic

DIY jobs around the house. There are a lot of simple jobs that you can easily do on your own, as

long as you follow good DIY practices, so there is no need to pay somebody. However, it’s so important

that you know your limits because there are some things that are best left to a professional. These are

the DIY jobs that you should never attempt on your own. 

Advanced Plumbing Jobs 

If you have a leaky tap, you can probably manage that yourself because it’s just a case of replacing a

washer or tightening a few nuts. However, any advanced plumbing jobs, like installing a new shower

or fixing a leaking pipe, should always be left to a professional. If you notice a leak or an issue with

your boiler, turn off the water main and call out 24/7 emergency plumbers straight away. If you start

messing around with things when you don’t really know what you’re doing, you risk making the

problem worse and doing a lot of expensive damage to your home. 

Anything Electrical 

Messing around with the electrics in your home is incredibly dangerous, and even if the job seems

simple, you should always leave it to a professional. There is a big risk of electrocuting yourself if

something goes wrong, and if your electrical work is not signed off by a professional, you won’t be

covered by insurance in the event of an electrical fire. 

Building A Deck 

A lot of people think that building a deck outside is quite simple, but it’s far more complicated than

you think. Even if you are handy with tools and you like to play around with upcycling things, that

doesn’t mean that you are qualified to build a full deck in the garden. If it isn’t stable, you could

seriously injure yourself, so it’s best to leave it to a professional carpenter. 

Fixing Broken Glass 

If your window or shower screen breaks, it’s best to call somebody in to fix it. Broken glass is so

dangerous and you can easily cut yourself. Replacing glass in windows is also incredibly difficult

and if you get it wrong, you will have issues with heat escaping, so it’s best left to an expert. 

Structural Work 

Taking out walls can be a great way to reinvent your home and completely transform a space, but

don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can do it yourself. Taking a wall down with a

sledgehammer isn’t exactly skilled work, but working out whether it is safe is so important. If you

accidentally take down a load bearing wall, you could do irreparable damage to your home. If you

want to make any structural changes to your home, always consult a professional builder and they

will make sure that the work is carried out safely and your home is not damaged in the process. 

Even though DIY is a great way to save money, it’s so important that you know your limits and

don’t attempt any of these jobs on your own.