Bring The Movies Home With Your Own Cinema Room!


Right now, lockdowns have meant that all of the fun things that we like to do have been closed down or limited so that enjoying them is almost impossible. One of the most missed hobbies is going to the movies. There is an experience that comes with going to a movie theatre, from the surround sound to the popcorn smells - so how about we replicate this at home?

A home movie theatre - or cinema room - can be an awesome addition to the house, especially if you have a spare room and you’ve been looking for a way to use the space. Creating a basement movie theatre, or even a movie theatre that you can bring in and out of the lounge will add something to your home that will make you excited to be stuck in it during lockdown. So, let’s have a look at what you need to have a movie theatre set up in your home!

Selective Focus Photography of Popcorns


If you are setting up a basement movie theatre, think about how you want to soundproof it. The rest of the house doesn't need to hear the opening bars of an action movie, but you can cover up the concrete walls to absorb the sound a little. Add some extra rugs in the room and mute the space a little so that the rest of the house doesn't have to watch a movie that they didn't ask for.

TV & Surround Sound

Here’s your chance to get online and buy a TV of epic proportions. You have seen those movie-screen TVs right? Well, think about one of those, or get a movie projector and use an entire wall as your screen. Your surround sound bars should be placed strategically - much like movie theatre would. A necessary addition would be a small amplifier like the McIntosh mc152 which works wonders and creates the perfect theater atmosphere in your home.


When you go to the movie theatre, you luxuriate in the seating and - if you pay a little extra - you put your feet up. With luxury sofas, you can replicate the feeling and the right furniture can also have reclining feet so that you can really enjoy it in style. Don't forget a coffee table or two for your snacks, a popcorn machine and a mini fridge for drinks!


You want to be able to see your way out of the room but you need to dim the lights for the movie. Think about dimmed spotlights along the floor leading to the door so that you can see your way out if you need to, and use smart lights for the ceiling. This way, you can use a remote to control the lighting and “up the lights” when the movie is over without having to leave the seat. 

A home movie theater is a great way to have fun with your DVD collections and give you and the kids something to do. Date nights will change, and you can buy everything that you need for delivery online!