Setting Up and Taking Care of a Fish Tank Easily


This post is sponsored by on behalf of Mars Fish Care and the API brand

These past few weeks have been really fun around here because we set up a new fish tank! We haven't had a fish tank in years and every time we did have one, the fish always died. I never knew what I was doing wrong but fish have to be cared for very delicately. A simple change in their environment could be tragic for them. 

But that has never stopped me from loving fish tanks. I could sit in an aquarium all day long watching fish! So I was super excited when I was asked to setup a new tank and learn tips on how to take care of fish the correct way.

In order to learn the right way to take care of fish, I was able to attend a virtual meeting with API to learn a lot of fish tips and a little about their products. Taking from what I learned, I was able to setup our tank.

First, we placed our tank on the table we wanted it to be on. We then put our gravel in and put the decorations in. Once they were set, we added the water. It is super important to know that fish will die in tap water unless it is treated with chemicals. So we added chemicals with API Quick Start and API Stress Coat to make the water safe and add fish quickly. With API Quick Start, it allows instant addition of fish, as it immediately starts the natural aquarium cycle with beneficial bacteria, which converts toxic ammonia into nitrite, then into harmless nitrate to help prevent fish loss in your tank. Next we added the heater and set it to 78 degrees. We wanted a freshwater tank and these fish like a consistent warm temperature. Then we added our tank filter and plugged everything in. 

The next day we headed over to Petco to choose the fish we wanted. Since our tank, gravel, and decorations were specifically made for GloFish brand fish, we went with 3 GloFish Long Finned Tetras. They are gorgeous and luminescent under the aquarium lights so they look amazing!

For feeding, I feed them API Tropical Flake Food which is formulated to be full of nutrients but also helps the fish release up to 30% less ammonia so the water will be clearer. 

Did you know that having a fish tank can be a stress reliever and it can aid in increased academics in kids? I personally know that watching fish is very relaxing to me so if you are interested in setting up a tank of your own, I highly suggest you check out API fishcare for all their needs!