The Must-Have Products for Dog Owners


Despite providing your family with much love and companionship each day, your dog more than likely adds to your daily to-do list. In addition to walking and feeding your pet, you may spend your days cleaning up their mess, brushing their fur, and playing various games.

While you more than likely don’t begrudge the extra time and effort, some items can simplify pet ownership and will allow you to spend more time with your loveable pooch. Here are the must-have products for dog owners.

An Interactive Puzzle Feeder

If your dog eats their food too quickly, you can force them to slow down with an interactive puzzle feeder. It can provide a greater challenge than various slow-feeding bowls on the market, as your pooch must force their nose into each toe cap in a bowl to find the kibble underneath.

An Absorbent, Non-Slip Doormat

Does your dog often walk dirt, water, and debris into the home after exploring the outdoors? If you can’t keep up with your canine’s mess, introduce an absorbent, non slip doormat from Cote Pratique™. It will prevent muddy, wet paws from making their way across your home, which can also improve your loved ones’ safety when moving from room to room. In addition, it will save time on cleaning while keeping your property fresh.

A Slow-Treat Dispensing Mat

Bath time isn’t a fun experience for many canines. If you struggle with an unruly pooch in the bathtub, a slow-treat dispensing mat is a must-try product. All you need to do is smear yummy peanut butter over the bumps of the silicone mat. Your dog will be so busy licking away the treat that they will not notice as you wash them from head to toe.

A Dog Gate

If you need to stop your dog from eating your cat’s food or keep them out of the kitchen when cooking, a dog gate is a fantastic solution. It can prevent your pooch from entering off-limit rooms. Plus, you can even buy a gate that features a small door at the bottom, which will allow a puppy or cat to access their food or litter tray without interference from an adult dog.

A Dog Cam with a Treat Dispenser

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety when you leave the home, you can monitor their every move with a dog cam. Look for a product that offers a 24/7 live stream and an integrated robot to provide your canine with a treat at the click of a button via an app. It is a must-have product if you need to calm an anxious dog while at work or out with friends. Plus, you can identify if they are barking excessively, chewing electrical cords, or relaxing on the sofa when you are not home.

Dog ownership doesn’t need to be stressful or time-consuming, especially if you incorporate the right products into your home. As a result, you can spend more quality time with your much-loved pooch.