4 Apps To Shop Thrift & Vintage Online

Those who adore vintage know that the shopping experience is all part of the fun! You've got to put in the time to find your perfect garments and create a look from the era that you love. Vintage lovers can shop guilt-free because you're already shopping sustainably and creating less waste. You might have your favorite vintage stores that you visit regularly, but have you tried the thrift and vintage apps out there? If not, be sure to check out these four great applications and sites.

1 . Swap.com

Swap.com is an excellent marketplace and thrift store. Here you'll find thousands of vintage options, no matter which era you're looking for. Using Swap.com, you'll snag yourself some sweet vintage deals, plus support the sustainable shopping and zero waste movement. One of the best things about Swap.com is that each item is inspected thoroughly so that you'll be sure to get only the best quality second-hand items.

2.  Etsy

Etsy is a top website to find handmade and vintage clothes. Whether you're looking for 1950's cat eye glasses, a 1920s flapper dress, or a 60's tweed jacket, Etsy has got you covered! You might be looking to splurge or to keep it affordable, either way Etsy has something for every price range. Etsy isn't just for vintage clothes, it's a huge online marketplace where artists can sell their work, and boutique shops can sell jewelry, bags, homeware, and more. If you're a bit of a crafty type yourself, it's the perfect place to sell your homemade knitting or pottery projects.

3. ThredUp

ThredUp is a San Francisco based store with an online store and app. ThredUp is famous worldwide as a huge consignment and thrift store. If you love vintage and thrift store clothes, you'll be super impressed with what's on offer. The app stores your preferences and sizes to provide recommendations for the fashion items you'll love. ThredUp also offers a 'sell your clothes' service, you simply fill up a bag of pre-loved items, and send it in. The company will even photograph, list, and ship the clothes so that you don't have to! For all your sustainable fashion needs, ThredUp is a top choice.

4. Depop

Depop is a fashion app that is fast growing in popularity, particularly among millennials and generation Z, yet it's suitable for any fashion lovers! It's a huge market place where you can buy and sell. The idea is to waste less and get beautiful items at nice prices. Depop has plenty of vintage clothing, so you'll be sure to snap up some really cute garments here.

When you have a vintage item that you no longer wear, make sure you sell it on or donate it to charity. There's no use having things in your wardrobe that you don't use, and you could stand to make a bit of cash. To sell your vintage garments, sites like Ebay tend to generate plenty of interest for these kinds of garments.