Sustainable Fashion for Men and Women: A Guide

Sustainable fashion is something we hear a lot about these days, thanks to the growing awareness of the environmental damage of fabric crops such as cotton, as well as the use of plastics within synthetic fabrics. Thankfully, there are ways that both women and men can dress well while making sure the clothes they wear have no adverse effects on the environment. Here is a guide on how both sexes can dress sustainably.

Buying pre-owned or vintage clothing is one way to dress sustainably, as it prolongs the life of quality garments by keeping them in circulation for longer. One of the problems with today’s fast fashion is that clothing is seen as disposable, especially as it is often manufactured from poor quality materials. For example, we buy a t-shirt then throw it away when it loses its shape. Clothing made from quality materials will last for years, so buying vintage or pre-owned is one way to make sure you get great quality clothing that will last, and you are helping the environment too.

Opting for new, high-quality clothing means that you will spend less on your wardrobe. For example, a tailored, made-to-measure jacket or suit such as from is something that will be a stylish addition to your wardrobe, fit you well and will last for a long time. While higher quality clothes may be a little more money, you will save in the long run because you won’t have to keep on paying more to replace worn clothing.

Sustainable fashion also means choosing natural fibers over synthetic ones. Sustainable natural fibers include organic cotton, hemp, wool and linen. Choosing these fabrics are better for your skin as they allow moisture to escape, and you are wearing clothes that have will not harm the environment. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester contain plastic that finds its way into water systems. Every time you use a washing machine, synthetic fibers are washed away and are too small to be caught by water treatment filtration. Natural fibers will also shed, but will not harm the environment or wildlife as plastic fibers do.

Thankfully, the fashion industry is starting to take notice of the trend in sustainability, and there are a growing number of sustainable fashion brands out there that care about the environment as well as the communities where their clothing is produced.

The next time you are out shopping for clothes, read the labels, so you know what the garment is made from and where it has been produced. If you can’t find sustainable clothing in stores, ask the manager when they plan to have a sustainable range. Shopping online will give you plenty of choice for sustainable fashion, as will hunting for bargains in vintage clothing stores. Finding sustainable fashion can be a fun and challenging exercise, but you will look and feel great in your clothes.

Both men and women now have more choices for dressing sustainably, and it just takes people to show support for changes to take place.