How to Make a Flower Crown

Flower crowns are super popular right now so I wanted to make a quick tutorial on how to make them! It's a lot easier than you think and you will only need a few supplies.

  • floral wire
  • floral tape
  • wire cutters
  • greenery and flowers
For the first step, take your floral wire and bend it into a circular shape. Then place it on your head to get a loose crown fit. Snip the extra wire off and tape the circle shut with floral tape. 

Start taping your greenery to the crown with floral tape. You will want to add greenery first to make sure the wire isn't seen.

Lastly, add your flowers. To tape flowers, it's best if the stem is about 3 inches long. Tape around the stem of the flower and add it to the crown.

Now put your flower crown on and admire it! You can use real flowers or fake ones too! Flower crowns are fun for dressing up or even as a beautiful headpiece for a wedding. This is the perfect summer craft!