How My Husband and I Became Vegan

This year has sparked a lot of new changes for our family. And our dietary habits is one of them. Mary decided that she wanted to become a vegetarian and my husband and I both became vegans. It wasn't super hard at first but the first step we took was literally to get rid of all meat, egg and milk products in the house. That way we weren't tempted.

Becoming vegan is a dietary requirement that many people struggle to transition to, with the array of non-meat and dairy alternatives becoming daunting to many individuals seeking to cut down on the animal products within their diet. However, with many ethical and environmental reasons why becoming vegan is good for the planet, more and more people are looking to incorporate veganism into their lifestyles. In this article, it will explain how you can become vegan easily, and without committing to drastic changes in your current daily lifestyle.

Local Restaurants

One of the major problems for vegetarians and vegans is finding animal product free alternatives in restaurants and cafes, especially if they do not live in large cities or have other dietary requirements, such as lactose intolerance. However, more chains are now deciding to incorporate vegan options within their menus, with many plant-based products such as bean and beetroot burgers and tofu becoming more popular. Although large chains still have some catching up to do when it comes to finding vegan alternatives in restaurants, many localized and smaller restaurant chains are starting to advertise vegan options. For instance, Neds Noodle Bar in the UK prides themselves on their healthy noodle options, with many dishes based on gluten-free and vegan options such as tofu noodles, and even dairy-free ice cream for those with special dietary requirements. This means that you can enjoy a restaurant experience with your friends while stay remaining animal product free.

Home Recipes

Predictions suggest that 2.2 million people are set to be vegan by 2020. However, one of the biggest steps to take when transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is to collect a number of quick and easy home recipes that all the family will love. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a vegan cookbook which will contain many original and tried and tested recipes that you are sure to love. However, you should also make sure that these home recipes are healthy, as many people on the road to becoming vegan do not realize that there are many vegan alternatives to unhealthy dishes which could potentially impact your diet.

Meat Alternatives

Whether you want to recreate your favorite meat-based meal or find simply find some alternative vegan options that you will love, one of the best things that you can do to become vegan is to swap out the meats in your weekly meals for an alternative option. Some of the best alternatives include products such as beans and mushrooms, which have a dense consistency which can appear similar to meat products and can be used in dishes such as burgers and with pasta. Tofu is also a popular alternative for egg dishes and contains the amino acids that you need for good health.

Non-Food Replacements

In terms of finding non-food replacements, such as alternatives to leather for shoes, bags and other clothing items, there are many specialist shops that cater towards vegans cropping up across the country. There are also many symbols and tags which represent both leather and vegan shoes, and many large brands will have these printed on the label before you buy.