Five Steps to Turn Your Garden into an Aquatic Paradise

Without water, there is no life. Adding water features to your own back yard is just a small but easy way to bring this beautiful and powerful element into your life.

Water features are the perfect way to enhance any garden. A pool adds fun in the sun and a great way to exercise. A fountain or waterfall provides the gentle, soothing sound of water that you can meditate to outside. There are so many reasons to transform your garden into an aquatic paradise, from temperature control to relaxation. Whether it’s just one small feature or a true dedication to water, use these five steps to transform your garden today:

  1. Choose Your Water Feature

There are a few water features you can install and enjoy in your back yard. Any of them will help turn your property into an aquatic paradise, and nothing is stopping you from choosing more than one option.

  • Pool - Pools are great to cool off in, exercise, and have fun in the sun during summer.

  • Hot Tub/Jacuzzi - Great for nights in summer, and of course, an excellent choice to get you outside during winter.

  • Fountain - Perfect for smaller spaces. The sound can soothe you, and maintenance is easy.

  • Pond - Great choice to make your garden look wild and natural. You’ll have the sound of running water and can even grow fish and water lilies.

  1. Design the New Layout for Your Garden

You will want your garden to flow with your water feature, which may mean you need to rethink the layout so that the water feature can either be the focus or be naturally incorporated into the space.

  1. Install Your New Water Feature

You can easily install your own water feature on your own. You just need to find a suitable area, know how deep you want to dig (it depends on whether you want to care for fish within the water feature or not), and you need the right equipment. You can get it all, from the pond lining to the pond filters, from

For pools and hot tubs, you won’t want to try it on your own. Buying either should include installation as part of the service, so you can get the swimming feature you want to be done the first time correctly.

  1. Add Comfort Elements Outdoors

From pool chairs to a bench next to your pond, no water feature is complete without comfort elements. You won’t always want to be wet, and for fountains and ponds, you’ll want to have a comfortable spot outside to sit and enjoy the sounds of running water.

  1. Maintain Your Water Feature

No matter what water feature you choose, you need to maintain it. Without this commitment to maintenance, it will transform from a stunningly clear paradise to a swamp that looks less than ideal and smells like a nightmare. Use filters, pumps, and some good old elbow grease to keep your aquatic paradise in perfect condition.