Homeschooling beyond Coronavirus

Covid-19 has brought about more than a few challenges for most people, and for many parents, one of those challenges has been homeschooling. In Arizona, schools have been closed since March, and there are talks of them re-opening again for the start of the new school year - this will be music to the ears of many working parents and guardians. But what of those that have caught the homeschooling bug?
Some will have seen the many benefits of educating from home for both themselves and their little ones and may wish to continue once the schools re-open. Here are 3 things to consider if you are one of them.
1. Create a routine
Humans, both young and old, respond well to structure. Try to schedule the day, as much as possible along the same lines as the school day, starting at the same time and allowing for breaks and lunch.
Try to designate a room or small area for workspace and aim to make it study-friendly, full of natural light, and kept at a comfortable temperature. If an area is allocated purely as a work zone, it becomes associated with study, which not only allows for improved learning capabilities but also the ability to switch off when occupying other rooms in the house.
2. Keep healthy and active
'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'...Or at least a healthy meal plan does. Healthy eating is not only paramount, but it is also conducive to children's learning capabilities. Ensuring that your children are eating well as well as getting daily exercise will benefit them in their studies. Recent research has shown that exercise has a significant effect on the learning power of young children, especially. If you wish to seek professional medical advice on other ways to keep healthy, then Velda Rose medical center in Mesa, Arizona, will help you create a customized healthy lifestyle that's right for you.
3. Be guided by your child
There will be requirements about what curriculum is followed and subjects taught. However, subjects can be studied in any number of creative ways, and if your child has a particular interest in cooking or gardening, for example, these activities can provide the perfect opportunity to incorporate a math or science lesson. If they want to be skilled at math try to get them to practice questions for the primary 6 maths questions even if they aren't taking the exam.
Children enjoy learning more when they have a natural interest in the topic, and they are being taught in a non-traditional manner. Teaching is so much easier if you already have a captive audience.
The benefits of continuing
Homeschooling, although not for everyone, can and does have many benefits. The one-to-one support a child gets is invaluable and can boost confidence levels immensely, especially where children are struggling with certain subjects or the social environment of a large school.
The flexibility that educating at home offers allows for the family to have more freedom not only on a day to day level - no more school runs! - but also in arranging family holidays.
Parents who choose to teach their children beyond lockdown in their own home, and indeed those who took this option to educate their children pre-coronavirus, should be aware that there are certain regulations for homeschooling in Arizona. Check with your local district to ensure you are abiding by the law and following any requirements.