The Importance of Having Strong Teeth: Facts You Need to Know

Everyone knows that having strong and healthy teeth is important for keeping your mouth happy and your smile sparkling, but why else is it important to keep them in good shape?
  1. You Only Get One Set

After you lose your milk teeth, your adult teeth will push through and see you through your entire life. Unless you want to start replacing and fixing your teeth on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to keep them clean, strong, and healthy in the first place so that you can keep them with you for a lifetime.
  1. You Reduce the Risk of Disease

If you don’t clean your teeth well enough or often enough, you run the risk of increasing your susceptibility to certain diseases, particularly gum disease. Gum disease allows bacteria to reach the bloodstream, which can have devastating impacts because it causes the blood to thicken and can lead to blood clots. Blood clots mean the heart doesn’t receive nearly as much oxygen and nutrients as it needs, which can result in heart attacks.
The simple act of brushing your teeth well twice a day can reduce your risk of heart attacks; who would have thought?
  1. You’re More Likely to Have a Healthy Baby

Brushing your teeth poorly and not often enough will not only affect you but if you are pregnant, it can affect the baby too.
Studies have shown that pregnant women with healthy gums are three times less likely to have their baby prematurely than those with gum disease. This reduces the risk of the baby being born underweight and gives them the best chance at life as soon as they are born. On the flip side, pregnant women with gum disease have a 25% chance of giving birth before they reach 35 weeks.
Having healthy teeth will help you to have a healthy baby.
  1. You’ll Be More Confident

When you have strong, healthy, and clean teeth, you will be more willing to show off your smile to others, and even to strangers. Those who are insecure about their teeth and their smile, whether it’s because their teeth or discolored, crooked or even missing, are much more likely to hide their smile and this reduces their confidence.
Having teeth that you are proud of means you won’t be afraid to smile and show off your pearly whites.
  1. You’ll Spot other Symptoms More Easily

Diseases will often show symptoms that indicate that you are suffering from the disease, and some of these show up in the mouth. If you have a healthy mouth, your family dentist Bayswater practice will notice when something changes or is wrong, and you’ll be able to receive treatment quicker.
Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that first shows symptoms in the mouth. With strong teeth and a healthy mouth, you will able to be diagnosed quickly and get the treatment you need.
Having strong and clean teeth is about more than just eradicating bad breath and toothaches. In some cases, it can save your life.