How to Design the Perfect Bedroom

When designing your new bedroom, the priority should be making it a comfortable place for you to sleep and relax in. While it is not like a living room in the sense that it’s not usually open to guests, it should still represent you and have décor that inspires you to get up every morning. A bedroom that is lackluster can affect your mood as soon as you wake up. Your mood is often influenced by your environment, so you should ensure that you can make the most of your day as soon as you get out of bed.
To make your bedroom work for you, follow this advice!
  1. Optimize Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is great for boosting your mood, especially during the winter months, when it can often be dark and dreary, causing people to suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), commonly known as the ‘winter blues.’ Big, wide windows are perfect for inviting the sunlight in when you want it. You should be able to open your curtains every morning and feel immediately brightened.
  1. Strong Curtains or Blinds

While natural lighting is great once you’re awake, you don’t want it to wake you up at the crack of dawn! Invest in thicker curtains or blinds that securely block out the sunlight when you need it. You should be able to easily control just how much natural light comes into the room.
  1. Soft Carpet

There is nothing worse than getting out of bed and putting your bare feet onto cold wooden floors or a harsh carpet. To set your day off right, install a soft carpet and have it professionally cleaned by carpet cleaners Chelsea to keep it that way. Ease your way into the day with a soft landing.
  1. Optimize Space

Just like your kitchen or living room, you should think about the space you have and how you would best live in it. While most people would love a king-size bed, it’s important to consider how it will fit in the room and if you will still have space for a wardrobe. For smaller rooms, storage under the bed or open closet racks are great choices to optimize the space! If you are lucky enough to have a bigger room, you should still think about how each furniture piece fits in the room and how you can move around it. When optimizing space, you should try to ensure that it’s not cramped or cluttered.
  1. Add Bits of You

Your childhood bedroom was more than likely plastered with posters, photographs, and other décor that made it inexplicably you. To make your new bedroom just as much you as this room was - only more mature - you can always introduce snippets of you. Family photographs, a poster of your favorite film, an art piece, or a quote that inspires you; any of these things can create a sophisticated décor and show off your personality.

The perfect bedroom can be made possible if you make sure to include bits of your own character and still make it functional!