How to Grow Pineapples at Home

Growing pineapples isn't the most profitable way to make money, but it sure is a lot of fun! Who doesn't love a good pineapple in the summer time? My family used to take pineapple slices to the beach as a snack when I was a kid. It's still a summertime memory for me after all these years.

If you want to grow pineapples in a non tropical environment though, you're going to need to use a polytunnel if you're doing it outside. That way it will keep the temperatures up and frost-free.

Growing pineapples is actually easier than it looks. They're grown from the green top part of the fruit.

  1. So to get it started, gently remove the green top part from the fruit. 
  2. Next, you're going to want to let the green part dry in the sun for about a week. 
  3. When it's dry, you need to soak the crown which is the bottom part. Put toothpicks in the bottom and suspend it over an open jug of water so the bottom touches the water slightly. 
  4. Put it in a windowsill and wait for the roots to sprout.
  5. When the roots have sprouted, plant it into a pot with soil and keep it moist and warm.
  6. You'll know when your plant is growing when you see a small red flower sprout from the middle of the green leaves. That's where your pineapple with grow from.

Each pineapple plant only produces one pineapple. It takes patience and dedication, but it's very fun to grow your own pineapple!