Mean Green Outside the Home

I am a Mean Green Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Last spring, I shared about all our Mean Green products but this month I wanted to share about how you can use Mean Green outside the home too.

One of the products we received was the Mean Green Auto & Garage Cleaner so I was determined to try this out on my car tires!

So this was my tire before using Mean Green on it. Notice how dirty it was. Mean Green Auto & Garage is really easy to use. All I did was spray it onto the tire and I let it do it's work.

After spraying it on the tire, I let it sit on the tire for about  5 minutes while I went to get the water to wash it off. You can also scrub the tire too but I wanted to see just how clean it would get it without scrubbing it at all.

Here is the after picture of the tire which was amazing. Look how clean and shiny it was! All I did was rinse it was water. No scrubbing was even done on this tire and it looks like it just came out of a car wash! 

Overall I am super impressed with how well it worked with such little effort! Make sure to look for Mean Green products in a store near you!